Notice:  As a part of a continuing effort to increase email security for your protection,  “weak” passwords for your CSiCable.Net addresses will need to be reset to a “stronger” version starting May 1, 2017.

Our support staff will assist you if you are affected by this reset by helping you select a strong password.

For CSiCable.Net Email,  have your primary CSiCable.Net email address ready and then call

24 Hour – 7 Day a Week Support HelpDesk at 1-800-352-8156

or  local Help Desk Monday – Friday  8am – 5pm at  701-252-5281 or 701-845-4383

When creating a new password,  please follow these minimum requirements:
  • Passwords must be between 6 and 16 characters
  • They must start with a letter or a number, or one of the following special characters: _ – % . @.
  • There must be at least three different types of characters in the password
  • Common sequences like abcd and 1234 are not allowed.
  • Do not include the word “password” as part of the password
  • Do not include any part of a username in the password

While our minimum number of characters is six, we recommend that you use at least eight alphanumeric characters with mixed case on letters, and include numbers and special characters. This will significantly increases the strength of the password.