Jamestown  (CSi)   The Jamestown Grant and Executive Boards met Thursday, at the Jamestown Civic Center, Exchequor Room and available virtually and by phone.


The Annual Event Applications were:

Classic Car Winter Wheels Show which requested $2,000 for the 2020 Show.

Additional dollars generated from door fees of about $7,000 to $10,000, website vehicle registration $2,000, and Vendor spots and other donations anticipated at over $1,000.

The tourism Grant Board granted,  $1,500.


Jamestown Rural Fire Department/Knight of Columbus for the  Ice Fishing Tourney requested $4,000 for the tourney planned for February 20, 2020, for advertising costs.

The Tourism Grant Board granted, $4,000.


The Arts Center Downtown Arts Market requested $10,000, for promotion.  Other donations of about $10,000 are anticipated.

The Tourism Grant Board, granted, $10,000


Jamestown Downtown Rods and Hogs event requested $1,000 for the annual event planned for June 12, 2021 with food, vendors, and entertainment through the day.  Other funding sources include $500 from entries.

The Tourism Grant Board, Granted $1,000.


Jamestown Drag Racing event requested $7,500 for the event planned for Jun 26, 27 2021, to be used for advertising.  The drag races draws racers and fans from all over North Dakota and surrounding states.  Additional marketing funds requested from previous years includes, $1600 for billboards, $400 for posters, $5300 radio ads, $200, for social media.  Local business contributions anticipated at $8500, with gate and entry fees about $17,000.

The Tourism Grant Board granted, $7,000.


Jamestown Chamber Buffalo Days, is planned for July 24 & 25, 2021.  the Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce requested $3,000 for advertising. The event includes, displays from the Jamestown Classic Car Club, Fort Seward events, The Arts Center, Jamestown Parks & Recreation, the 1883 Stutsman County Courthouse, Jamestown Downtown Association, Jamestown Fire Department, downtown businesses and more.  Chamber Executive, Emily Bivens said the Chamber does not gain financially form the event.

The Tourism Grant Board Granted, $3,000.



2021 Requests

Includes 2021 Site Staffing for Trail Guides – Jamestown Parks and Rec, and Stutsman County Parks, and Jamestown Area Mountain Bike Group requested $9,018, which was funded for the full amount.

The funds requested are for creative development and design, and printing of the Jamestown Trails Maps and overview booklet, for the spring of 2021, serving the Jamestown are, including implementing kiosks.

The Tourism grant Board approved supporting, the Stutsman county Museum, Frontier Village, and Fort Seward staff pay at $11.50 per hour.

Frontier Village requested grant dollars for advertising for  a billboard – 3 month campaign to advertise the Village, and Stage Coach Rides, with the billboards planned for the Valley City area.

The Tourism Grant Board, Granted,  $ 4,350.




The meeting was presided over by President Matthew Woods.

All members were present.


Declaration of Conflict of Interest  None


Minutes Were Approved


Financial Report  from Taylor Barnes was approved.


Tourism Report – Director  Searle Swedlund noted improvements at Frontier Village.  He said the Fire Hall Building has been removed.  He said, there are space issues that need to be addressed. He added that ideas for the Village’s future are still be accepted for future planning.  He added that the sidewalk pavers have arrived in conjunction with the Road Diet project.


Ex-Officio Reports

Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce, Executive Emily Bivens said the board met Thursday and appointed a new member.  She said nominations are being accepted for awards to be given at the Annual Meeting in January.  She promoted Chamber Bucks for shopping locally, and information on the DMV.  She said a DMV Kiosk is being reviewed for a location to be announced.


Executive Director Review was held.

The Tourism Board, along with external and stakeholder input went into the review process.

A salary raise of three percent was discussed, and approved.


Approved was the Annual Bonus for Staff, that included an increase over last year.