(CSi) Stutsman County Emergency Manager, Andrew Kirking Tuesday reported damages   from severe weather that occurred, Monday evening through Tuesday morning.

-Medina area has significant water in ditches, fields.
Water running down roads and no power. Ottertail Power has been notified and is on-scene making repairs.
Lift station is without power and has potential to be a mitigation grant project in the future.

I-94 west of Cleveland has high water, though still drivable.
Water is flowing and dropping as designed.
Several vehicles were pulled over between 0800 and 0900 due to reduced visibility and one car had windows broken due to hail.

Montpelier received approximately 7 inches  of rain and hail with standing water slowly draining out.
Multiple trees down and city cleanup underway.
Councilman passed along rumors of tornado appx. 7 miles southeast, but could not confirm.
Straight-line winds in the area likely tcaused damages in and around town.

In Buchanan, sirens activated Monday night due to funnel cloud witnessed by deputy in area.
The mayor reported gusty winds and appx. 1” rain, but did not see any funnel cloud.
Expressed gratitude to PSAP of airing on the side of caution and sounding siren, rather than waiting and activating too late.

No agricultural damages reported at this time per NDSU Extension.

Kirking added that “Many folks [were] grateful to have received rain, though admittedly too much too fast in some areas. Severe weather threats persists Thuesday through Thursday, possibly interfering with cleanup and/or causing additional damages.”


Jamestown (CSi)  Severe thunderstorms that began Monday evening and continued overnight into Tuesday morning has caused flood advisories to be issued by the National Weather Service.

Monday’s official  rainfall total was 1.15 inches. 32 hundredths  of an inch on the CSi Weather Computer in Downtown Jamestown.

3-6 inches of rain has been reported Tuesday morning south of Jamestown, with .95 hundredths of an inch officially as of 6-am on Tuesday, and 1.66 inches on the CSi Weather Computer as rain continued to fall.

In the region rainfall totals from Monday and Tuesday morning were:  .20 hundredth in Valley City, 2.5 inches in Lisbon, and one and three quarters of an inch in Fingal.  Hastings reported 2.25 inches. 60 mph wind reported in Valley City.

Monday evening a Tornado was  reported six miles north of Edgeley.

Hail size varied from pea to marble size  during various hail events overnight into Tuesday morning, much larger hail stones to around baseball size south of Jamestown.

Storm damages reported Tuesday morning in LaMoure and Ransom Counties.

More updates will be posted later Tuesday.




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