Jamestown  (CSi)  The Jamestown Tourism Grant/Executive Board met Thursday at the University of Jamestown.

Members present:  President, Tena Lawrence, Frank Balak, Pam Phillips, Paulette Ritter.

and Tourism Director Searle Swedlund.

Ex Officio Member:  Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce, Executive Emily Bivens.



  • A-Maze-N-Clown Pumpkin Patch – Shriners of Jamestown
  • Museum Brochure – Stutsman County Museum
  • Mill Hill Brackets & Banners – Jamestown Beautification Committee
  • Frontier Village Train Parkette


The A-Maze-N- Clown Pumpkin Patch, with the Shriners Of Jamestown requested $5,000  toward advertising, for the event September and October 2021, to be used for advertising and flyers.  Representative Corey Bayer, said it will be a five weekend festival starting September 11 running through October 17 each Saturday and Sunday, near Jamestown, with a tent provided and games for the kids.  Sponsored by Jamestown Clowns, there will be many over volunteers assisting. It’s a fundraiser for Jamestown Clown causes, including, local gifts for children and Shrine Hospitals.  He said those attending in the past, outside the Jamestown area, include those from Fargo, Bismarck, Carrington, and Minnesota.  He added that a corn maze will be added.

Other funding sources include Jamestown Clown in the amount of $15,000.

The event is anticipated to attract 200 visitors within 150 miles of Jamestown, with an estimated economic impact of $25,560.

The board granted  the full  $5,000.  The event will be monitored for this year’s success.

The Stutsman County Memorial Museum Request $567 for new brochures, with a quote for 2500 brochures from Two Rivers Printing.

The board granted  $567


The Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce, Beautification Committee represented by  Paulette Ritter, requested $2,875 for double-sided vinyl banners to be erected on Mill Hill, placed there this summer, and fall.    The full quoted cost of the banners printing  and hardware from Newman Signs is $5,750.

The board granted voted to approve a one to match up to $3,000

Frontier Village requested  $8,500  for the Train Parkette, a circular area, near the entrance. The request was to help funding installing a tunnel and covered bridge for storage of the trains.

The board granted, the full amount of $8,500.




Call to Order – Tena Lawrence


Declaration of Conflict of Interest:   Paulette Ritter, was allowed to discuss but not vote on the chamber beautification request, being on the committee.


Minutes:  Amended and approved.


Grant Allocation Report – Frank Balak with amounts granted so far this year, and dollars remaining in budget for the rest of this year.


Tourism Report – Searle Swedlund led a discussion on tourism’s future role in the proposed< Bison World, – A Legendary Experience, regarding providing assistance, concerning tourism’s mission.  He added that the new Trail Guides have been published.


Ex-Officio Reports: Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce Executive, Emily Bivens, outlined several summer events and activities including Buffalo Days, the Farmers Appreciation Banquet, along with several ribbon cuttings so far this year, along with the Ground Breaking at the Frontier Village Train Parkette, and an upcoming “Cash Mob,” event.