Fargo (NDHP) – The North Dakota Highway Patrol (NDHP) and Fargo Police Department conducted an aircraft traffic enforcement detail in the Fargo area on June 25th.

Captain Bryan Niewind said this was the second of several planned details for the Fargo area that are being conducted to target reckless drivers, street racers and suspects that flee from law enforcement. The detail ran from approximately 7:00 pm to midnight.

During the detail the following enforcement action was taken:
• Speeding – 7 citations
• Driving Under Suspension – 6 arrests
• Registration violations – 5 citations
• Exhibition Driving – 3 citations
• Right of Way violations – 2 citations
• No Insurance violations – 2 citations
• Total citations: 37
• Total warnings: 19

Niewind said one vehicle fled from law enforcement during the detail. The aircraft was unable to locate the vehicle that fled. He said during the detail, a green laser was being used to harass the NDHP aircraft. While this was occurring, the NDHP pilot learned additional aircraft in the Fargo area were being harassed by a green laser as well. The NDHP aircraft was able to pinpoint the location the laser was being used from to an address in West Fargo. The West Fargo Police Department responded to this residence and interviewed the occupants. Reports will be forwarded to the Federal Aviation Administration for further investigation.