Valley City (CSI) The Valley City school district building fund levy will increase from 12 to 20 mills under a three year capital maintenance improvement plan. The estimated cost to taxpayers per $100,000 property will increase by $36 or $40 for Ag & commercial property and $3.64 per acre on Agriculture land in the school district.

As the Valley City School Board moves away from building a new school, due to the high cost of construction, Superintendent, Josh Johnson explained that the focus now shifts to repairing existing facilities.

He said the building fund will generate $869-thousand dollars in the next school year, with $3 million in COVID funds will be used to upgrade facilities in the school district.

Johnson adds, another plan includes tearing down the school district offices and buying out two properties to the north, along with building a parking lot. The administrative offices would move into the junior senior high building.

Johnson said the plan also includes improving safety and security measures, plus upgrading the heating and cooling systems, fixing roofs, removal of asbestos and mold, replacing old plumbing, and upgrading electrical systems to improve efficiency.