Jamestown (CSi) At Tuesday’s City Council Finance & Legal Committee Meeting, Public Works Director Tyler Michel said that a committee of including Councilman Steele, City Engineer Travis Dillman, City Administrator Sarah Hellekson, and City Sanitation Foreman Shawn O’Neill recently met to discuss changes in rates for utilities in 2023.

Michel said that the water utility rates will not change for 2023. Michel asked instead for a possible “water distribution fee” which would help to reduce special assessments for the water main projects.  It would be a flat rate $5 fee per bill.  The water meter on demand fees will be recommended to be increased, a fee that hasn’t been increased since 1967.

Mayor Dwaine Heinrich pointed out that the none of the fees were specifically dedicated to water meters, or for water line replacements because that is paid from the water utility.

Michel said the commercial garbage collection fees will be recommended to be increased by 20 percent over the current rates, stemming from increased costs of fuel, labor, equipment, and capital expense.

The committee also committee discussed eliminating the 500 pound free drop off at the city baler, iin lieu ofcontinuing the city wide clean up week. Jamestown is one of the only North Dakota cities to offer a 500 pound free drop off.

It was moved on to the City Council without recommendation.

The Committee also unanimously approved without recommendation allowing the Jamestown Police Department to hire part-time licensed police officers.

If approved the Jamestown Police Department would possibly hire four part-time licensed officers at a rate of $35 per hour, the same rate as the department’s off-duty security rate. Police Chief Scott Edinger, saisthat the part-time police officers would not receive regular benefits.

He said the part-time officers will need to work a determined number of hours and take part in training.

In a letter to the City Council, Edinger stated that the part-time police officers work a minimum of 16 hours per month with a maximum of 32 hours per week.

Tuesday’s Joint City Council Meetings were shown live on CSi Cable 67 followed by replays.