Valley City – Puzzlepalooza Sponsored by PEO. January 31st from 5:30pm to 8:30pm at the Valley City Eagles.  Join them for a fast-paced race at Puzzlepalooza! Get ready to put your problem-solving skills to the test in this exciting event brought to you by PEO Chapter Z. Teams will race against the clock to see which team can finish their jigsaw puzzle first!

Here are the Rules:

  1. Up to four people per team.
  2. Team members must be 18+ years of age.
  3. All teams will receive the same 500-piece puzzle to assemble.
  4. The puzzle box will be handed out prior to start and must remain face-down until the timer starts.
  5. Teams will have two hours to complete the puzzle.
  6. The team that finishes first is the winner.
  7. If no team finishes within two hours, the judges count the pieces remaining at each table and the team with the fewest pieces is the winner.

Proceeds to benefit PEO philanthropies. For more information about PEO and its philanthropies, go to Light snacks provided with your registration. Participants are welcome to purchase a meal from the Eagles menu, at their expense, to eat during the competition.