VC Chamber – The Customer Service Award goes to Jennifer Hendrickson of Leevers for her outstanding customer servic,. presented by Members of the Valley City Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Committee

The chamber honors individuals who demonstrate a consistent commitment to delivering products or services that satisfy customers by exceeding their requirements or expectations.

Her nomination letter said: “I went to Leevers customer service this morning and told Jennifer, at the customer service counter that I had been in the store Tuesday afternoon. I showed her my receipt and explained that the following morning when I was going to have raspberries on my cereal, I could not find them and I knew I had purchased them. It turned that the 4 fresh produce items I had purchased and were on my receipt never made it home with me. The store had been very busy when I checked out and somehow the bagged produce items never made it to my cart when I left the store. She explained that they must have either been put back on the shelf or mistakenly went home with someone else. She allowed me to pick out the 4 missing items and she checked and bagged my purchases and I went home with the produce at no extra charge. I didn’t know what to expect when I went there this morning, but I went home a very happy customer. Thank you, Jennifer, for your kindness and exceptional customer service. You represent your employer very well. They are blessed to have you as an employee.”

Congratulations, Jennifer! The Chamber of Commerce commends you on going above and beyond for your customers.

Customer Service Award nomination forms are available at the Chamber office and on their website at or call 701-845-1891.