Jamestown – Anne Carlsen Center has announced the opening of the new Anne Carlsen Center Ballantyne Berg Campus just East of the Jamestown Regional Medical Center at 2200 20th Street SW. This State-of-the-Art campus is 110,000 square feet, now serves as the new home for Anne Carlsen’s educational services, outpatient therapies, residential care and more.

The new Ballantyne Berg Campus’s residential space is specifically designed to cater to the needs of children and young adults with medically and behaviorally complex needs. The Residents now benefit from private rooms, facilitating easier access to specialized adaptive and medical equipment while fostering a homier, more independent atmosphere.

The Anne Carlsen Center for Learning, situated within the new campus, is poised to revolutionize educational outcomes for its students. With Flexible learning spaces designed specifically for each student and updated classroom infrastructure, the Center ensures a dynamic learning environment for generations to come, fostering growth and development in every person in serves.

Among its many features, the Ballantyne Berg Campus boasts unique state-of-the-art recreational areas designed to facilitate social interaction, peer engagement, and physical activity for individuals, families, and staff alike. Notable additions include a new therapy pool, a fully accessible and inclusive outdoor playground, and a built-in ‘track’ connecting all areas of the campus for year-round access. In addition, the new indoor sensory gym/playground offers a structured environment that helps children develop their sensory, communication and motor skills. Skilled therapists help guide children through activities involving swings, trampolines, therapy balls, tunnels, climbing walls, and many other tools to develop skills, improve confidence and increase independence.

The culmination of years of planning and dedication, the completion of the Pathways project marks a significant milestone for the Anne Carsen Center and the community it serves.

While the new Anne Carsen Center is now fully operation, we invite the community to join us for a planned celebration and grand opening event on June 6th,2024, commencing ant Noon. Festivities will include a ribbon cutting ceremony, engaging programs, guided campus tours, delectable food offerings, interactive games, and plenty of fun-filled activities for all ages.

For more information about Anne Carlsen and its services, the Anne Carlsen Ballantyne Berg Campus or for details on the Grand Opening celebration, please visit www.annecarlsen.org