Valley City – The week of May 13 to May 18 is Clean Up Week in Valley City. Please have your items ready on your regular pick up days by 7am.

Items MUST be sorted in separate piles and keep 3ft away from garbage container. Each bagged or boxed items must weigh 50lbs or less.

Please group these materials as follows;

General Household Items: Toys, Home decor, Dishes, Clothes, Rugs

Plastics: Shelving, and Containers. Mattress/Box Springs, Paint – Must be completely dried out w/ lids off. Carpet – 3 feet or less.

In another pile place: Minimal Construction material, Sheetrock, All wooden furniture, Carpet over 3 feet long, Windows, Toilets, Rocks, Cement, brick etc.

Items that will not be picked up: TVs, Shingles, Asbestos Materials, Metal, Chemicals, & Tires.

Items to take to Transfer Station: Tires for a disposal fee – Cash only. The City will not pick these up.

Grass dump site is open year round and you are able to drop off these items for free anytime: Grass, Branches (3″ in Diameter or less), and Leaves.

Items that need to be taken to the recycling center at 11481 35th Ave SE in Valley City: Batteries, Metal Shelving, and scrap metal – Hot Water Heaters, Appliances (Not TVs), Lawn Mowers

Items not sorted properly will NOT BE PICKED UP.