Jamestown – On June 3 at approximately 2140 hours, the Jamestown Police Department was dispatched to the area of 2nd Ave SE and 3rd St SE to investigate a report of Terrorizing involving a gun. The initial report indicated that a juvenile male pointed a gun at another juvenile male over a property dispute. The alleged suspect was reported wearing a specific type of clothing and left the area walking south along 4 Ave SE.

Minutes later, a Jamestown Police Officer located three individuals walking southbound along 4th Ave SE, one of which matched the clothing description of the alleged suspect. The Officer contacted the three individuals and observed the juvenile matching the description of the suspect had an object in his waistband. The juvenile informed the Officer it was a BB gun. The gun was immediately removed and seized from the suspect. The appearance of the gun is a replica of a Glock pistol. The BB gun did not have any distinguishing marks on it that would identify it as anything other than an actual gun. The juvenile was detained. Additionally, the juvenile had consumed and was found to be in possession of alcoholic beverages.

Based on determinations made during the investigation, this incident stemmed from a dispute over property. Both the victim and the suspect are in their early teens. The juvenile suspect confronted the juvenile victim, as the suspect believed the property the victim was in possession of had been stolen from him previously. During the incident, it is alleged that a gun was pulled by the suspect and pointed at the juvenile victim. The juvenile was in fear for his life and was able to ride away on his bicycle and call for help.

The teenage juvenile suspect was arrested on suspicion of Terrorizing and Possession of Alcoholic Beverages. He will be referred to juvenile services. This incident remains under investigation.