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Jamestown  (CSi)  The start up of the Jamestown Residential Recycling program has been delayed until August 1, 2017.

At the Recycling informational meeting Wednesday May 3,  Recycle North Dakota manager Ralph Friebel said the later start up stems from the City of Jamestown being notified of a delay in receiving the new trucks that will allow automated pick up of both recycle and garbage bins.

He indicated that the city’s automated garbage pick up will also be delayed for the same reason, with date of implementation to be announced.

When fully implemented the garbage pick up will remain on the same day on a weekly basis, and the recycling bin contents will be picked up the same day as the garbage, but every other week.

The delay will have no effect on the present city collection of garbage.

In preparation for the implementation of the City of Jamestown’s residential recycling and a “Pay as You Throw” landfill trash billing program, to be implemented in August  of 2017,  public education sessions have been scheduled:

  • June 12 – 5:00 PM – James River Senior Center

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Residential recycling in Jamestown is anticipated to start August 1, 2017.


On a recent Wayne Byers Show on CSi Cable 2, Mayor Katie Andersen said examples of the sizes of the garbage containers on display at the City Hall Lobby.

These meetings will use a power point presentation explaining in detail the programs.  Recycling and landfill trash carts will be available for public viewing. Current and proposed garbage rates will be discussed.

The Jamestown City Council has agreed to terms with Renaissance   Recycling for a five year period, with a five year renewal, that may be renegotiated annually or discussed at any time in between.

The August 1, 2017 start up is expected, with a delay agreed to pending acquiring of equipment or other issues that may come up.

Renaissance Recycling will still have hours and glass items will be accepted there, and not at the residential collection sites.