Jamestown (CSi)  The U.S. Army Corp  of Engineers, on Friday April 21, 2017  increased the Jamestown Dam release from 450 cfs, to 650 cfs.

Bob Martin says the increase in the release will raise the James River level in Jamestown by about one foot.

He adds that adjustments may be necessary at the Oxbow gate in Jamestown, to accommodate the increased release.

He says the reason for the increase is a combination of recent rainfall, and still some snow melt in the upper basin.

He says earlier this week Woodworth reported 1.40 inches of rain.

Jamestown recorded .99 inch of rain.

He adds, Jamestown Reservoir is eight feet into the flood storage area.

Plans are to have that eliminated by June 1, 2017.

The Pipestem Reservoir is 18 feet in the flood storage area.  The Pipestem Dam release will be remain at zero cfs. When Jamestown Reservoir’s level is out of flood storage, Pipestem Dam’s release will be increased, to reach freeze up by this fall.

News Release from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Omaha Apr 20, 2017  –  Due to sustained high inflows into Jamestown Reservoir, the releases will be increased to 650 cubic feet per second (cfs) on Friday, April 21. Releases out of Pipestem Reservoir will remain at 0 cfs. This release will be held through the weekend with potential for additional increase in the near future. Basin conditions and forecasts will be continuously evaluated and adjustments to the releases will be made as needed due to future rainfall and reservoir inflows.

Jamestown Reservoir is currently at pool elevation 1439.1 feet which results in 18% of the flood pool occupied. Inflows are estimated near 1,300 cfs with a reservoir release of 450 cfs. Pipestem Reservoir is currently at pool elevation 1460.6 feet which results in 19% of the flood pool occupied. Inflows are estimated at 260 cfs and the reservoir release is 0 cfs.

The combined reservoir release of 450 cfs was initiated on April 10 in order to begin evacuation of the flood control pool at Jamestown Reservoir. However, reservoir inflows have remained high requiring an additional increase in release to 650 cfs to meet the flood pool evacuation target date of June 1. If the high inflows continue to persist, an additional increase may be required. After Jamestown Reservoir’s flood pool is evacuated, Pipestem releases will be increased to evacuate flood storage by early September