Jamestown  (CSi)  The Jamestown Tourism Grant/Executive Board, voted unanimously Thursday to send a letter to the Frontier Village Association, in response to the FVA requested appeal to Tourism’s previous decision on not funding a specific project, and  reconsider action on the grant request prior to the October Capital Construction funding cycle.

At the March 16, 2017 Tourism Capital Construction grant application meeting, the Tourism Board, voted unanimously to grant the General Store project, with $12,750 coming from the Capital Construction Fund, and $5,250 from the Grant Requests Fund.

The board tabled the request for the Depot Building project.

In a letter to Tourism Board President, Matt Woods, the FVA was appealing the Tourism denial and requested clarification on the denial of the tax dollars ear-marked for the Frontier Village to help maintain the grounds, staff and buildings.

Woods pointed out that tourism tax generated dollars are not specifically ear-marked for the Frontier Village, and that there is not appeal process to requests that are denied.  He said in that event, another application can be made.

FVA also requested a re-evaluation of the grant request because of special circumstances, and that at no time did the FVA fail in the application process.   The letter to the Tourism Board  said it “finds this unacceptable to discriminate and deny our funding because someone was not there, as the grant application was self-explanatory as to what our need was and the dollar amount we were asking for.”

At Thursday’s meeting it was pointed out that before the March meeting, Tourism Director Searle Swedlund attempted to contact FVA board members Tina Busche, Charlie Tanata, and Nellie Degen.  He said Degen returned a call saying she just learned about Tina and no one was available to attend the Capital Construction Fund meeting.

Woods said, at this time Jamestown Tourism stands by its decision and will ask the Frontier Village Association to reapply for funding for the Depot project at the October Meeting.

The letter further explains the City Promotion Capital Construction guidelines include tourism reserving the right to approve or reject project requests, and to ask for further clarification.

The letter stating Tourism’s response will be signed by each Tourism Grant/Executive Board member and sent to the Frontier Village Association Board.

Woods also gave the Tourism Grant/Executive Board members a listing of member of the FVA board, in the event a Tourism Board member would like to contact a FVA Board member with clarification of Tourism policies.

In other business the Grant/Executive Board Director Searle Swedlund noted that he is on the Arts Center’s Search Committee for a new Arts Center Director, to succeed Cyndi Wish, who is resigning the post effective June 30, 2017.

He said Tourism will appear at a Jamestown City Council committee meeting this month, to inquire about assistance in the “Feed The Buffalo,” project.

A drop off site will be a replica buffalo that reacts when money is deposited.

The dollars raised will go toward renovating The World’s Largest Buffalo, at Frontier Village.

City Council Member Pam Phillips representing the City Council told the board that City Attorney Leo Ryan and James River Rodeo, Inc., attorney Tim Ottmar have met to discuss negotiations for new contract between the city and the Rodeo, on holding future rodeos in Jamestown.

She added that the negotiation process is continuing.

She also pointed out the labor shortage in Jamestown, adding that the new Dunham’s Sporting Goods Store coming to the Buffalo Mall will be in need of employees.