Jamestown (CSi)  The All Vets Club in Jamestown will host the 2017 Patriot’s Banquet and Auction, October 19th.

Officials at the All Vets Club, says that proceeds from the annual club fundraiser are much needed, due to a slow summer season. All organizations are encouraged to buy or sell banquet tickets, and solicit or donate new auction items and perhaps volunteer to help.

Donated auction items can be dropped off at the Club, or can be picked up by calling 701-252-8994, prior to October  19th.

Tickets will again be $30 for a single, $50 for a couple, with the goal to sell at least 120 tickets this year.

Dinner, door prizes, live and silent auctions at the event.

Tickets are available from veterans organizations, their auxiliaries, directors, the bar or club office.

A $100 gift certificate will go to the person or organization soliciting  the most valuable auction item.