Valley City  (CSi)  The Valley City Community is invited to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Gaukler Family Wellness Center on Wednesday October 11 from 9-a.m., to 6-p.m.

A free lunch will be served from 11-a.m., to 1-p.m.

There will be:

Wellness Center Tours

Walk The Track With The Mayor, 9-a.m., to 10-a.m.

Free coffee and smoothie samples

Free Daily Pass

Lunch Served 11-a.m. to 1-p.m.

On The Move Special Treats 11-a.m., to 1-p.m.

Join in the Fitness Classes

Kids Games and Activities 3:30-p.m.

More information on line atwww.GAUKLERFAMILYWELLNESS.COM