This Day In History – November 14, 1881 – Opening of Northwestern House Hotel *** from the 125th Anniversary Calendar of Jamestown History ***

Jamestown (CSi) Opening of the Northwestern House Hotel (hightlighted to the left, along what is now 1st Street East) was held with a public dinner with some 40 people partaking. (1881)

Anton Klaus of Jamestown, returned to Green Bay WI and encouraged many people to relocate to Stutsman County. With his family and belongings, he moved to Jamestown in the spring of 1879. About 100 settlers from Wisconsin soon followed, along with railroads cars loaded with wheat and oat seed and other cars containing farm machinery to be sold at his store. That summer, he had two hotels built, the Northwestern House and the Dakota House.

The paragraph above is from the “Businessman finds success in a fledgling Jamestown” Bismarck Tribune December 11, 2016.