Jamestown (CSi)  The Jamestown City Council met in Regular Session Monday evening at City Hall.

All members were present.


Item H was removed by City Attorney Leo Ryan, and was discussed separately a  Resolution to enter into a license agreement, to be prepared by the City Attorney, with i3G Media to allow i3G radio to install antennae on the water tower located at 1704 4th Ave. SW and to place a small building within the fenced in area to house related equipment.

He wanted council guidance   concerning the annual fee.

Currently five businesses have property on the site at $100 each per year.

The City Council approved the renewal notices at $100 each, and later look at adjusting the fees for all entities in the future, by no later than

April 2018.




A FIRST READING was introduced: Concerning an ordinance pertaining to entering into a franchise agreement with Northern Plains Electric Cooperative.

A PUBLIC HEARING was held: Concerning an ordinance to amend and re-enact Ordinance No. 329 of the City Code by amending the District Map to change the zoning of Tahran Trailer Court, Block 1, Lots 12-13 and Tahran Trailer Court 2nd Addition, Block 1, Lots 5-9 & Block 2, Lots 1-3, located within the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City of Jamestown, Stutsman County, North Dakota, from C-2 (General Commercial District) to R-1 (One Family Residential District).  No one appeared at the hearing.

Following the Public Hearing, the Second Reading was approved.

A SECOND READING was approved for an Ordinance to ENACT the following sections to the Code of the City of Jamestown: Sec. 21-03-25 pertaining to prohibiting the use of a wireless communications device while operating a vehicle. (This ordinance reflects state law NDCC 39-08-23); Sec. 21-03-26 pertaining to prohibiting the use of a wireless communications device by a minor operating a vehicle. (This ordinance reflects state law NDCC 39-08-24); Sec. 21-03-27 pertaining to failure to maintain control of a vehicle while the driver is distracted. (This ordinance reflects state law NDCC 39-08-25); and to AMEND AND RE-ENACT Sec. 21-06-03 pertaining to speed limitations. (This ordinance reflects state law NDCC 39-09-02).




The City council appointed a member to serve as a member of the Jamestown Regional Airport Authority for a five year term to expire December 2022.

Appointed Harvey Schue to serve as a member of the Board of Adjustments for a three year term to expire January 2021.



Council Member Phillips pointed out Jamestown High School Principal Adam Gehlhar, receiving the Milken Family Foundation Award.

She pointed out that  Mayor  Andersen was named to the annual Prairie Business Magazine 40 Under 40 list.

The magazine recognizes  40 of the top business professionals under the age of 40 in the northern plains.


The City Council tabled entering into an agreement with Jamestown Community Correction Program.

The City Council  approved  Payment No. 1, to Strata Corporation, for Street Lighting on 20th St SW roadway from Menards to Jamestown Regional Medical Center, District #16-43), in the amount of $141,704.35.

The City Council approved a proposal including the cost, from Josh Smaage for the City of Jamestown Website Redesign.  The former web site is no longer operational.

The meeting was shown live on CSi Cable 67 followed by replays.