Valley City  (CSi)  The Valley City Commission met in Regular Session Tuesday evening at 5-p.m., at City Hall.  All members were present.

The City Commission moved to enter an Executive Session as authorized by the North Dakota Century Code sections 44-04­ 17.1 subsection 4 and in conformance with section 44-04-19.2 (1).

The purpose of the Executive Session was to enter into confidential discussions with legal counsel regarding negotiations in Lindberg Bros., Inc. v. Valley City and (2) to limit the executive session to Commission members, City Administrator, City Auditor, City Attorney, and retained legal counsel.

Following the Executive Session, the City Commission reconvened into Open Session at 5:58 p.m

Commissioners moved to grant authority to retained legal counsel to proceed with negotiations as directed in Executive Session and authorized under 44-04-19.2 subsection 2e.


A. Approve raffle permit for Sharp Shooter Showdown

B. Approve renewal applications for liquor and/or beer licenses for the following businesses:

a. Dakota Silver

b. Hi-Line Hospitality, LLC

c. Jimmy’s Pizza

d. RND Inc.

e. VFW

f. Approve all license renewals received on/before December 29, 2017 that are approved by Fire Chief and Police Chief.


C. Approve renewal applications for permit to sell L.P. gas for the following businesses:

a. Dakota Plains Ag

b. Vining Oil & Gas, LLC


D. Approve renewal applications for mobile home parks for the following businesses:

a. Plecity Mobile Home Park

b. Richard Plecity Trailer Court

c. Rockwater, LLC


E. Approve renewal application for pawn shop license for the following businesses:

a. Northwestern Industries

F. Approve renewal application for taxi license for the following business:

a. South Central Adult Services

G. Approve renewal applications for tree trimming and removal service for the following businesses:

a. Belling Tree Service

b. Ground to Sky

c. Ross’ Tree Service


d. Approve all license renewals received on/before December 29, 2017



Approve a Resolution determining sufficiency of protest for Paving Improvement District No. 115.

City Auditor Richter said protest were minimal.

Approved a Resolution as a Participating Municipality of Red River Corridor Fund.

Valley City/Barnes County Development CEO, Jennifer Feist explained the funding process, and that two projects in Valley City Have participated in the program.


Approved a Resolution Approving the Preliminary Engineer’s Report and Directing Preparation of detailed plans, specifications & estimates of probable cost for Paving Improvement District No. 117.

KLJ will be able to go ahead with the chip seal and mill and overlay including a portion of Old Number 10.



Approved a Valley City Barnes County Development Corporation request in the amount of $316,160

from sales tax for economic development to assist with location of Preventice Solutions.

Valley City/Barnes County Development CEO, Jennifer Feist said the company is a heart monitoring equipment software manufacturer, to be located in the Valley City Regional Technology Center.  She said the company plans to initially employ 10 employees.  She said if the company decides not to locate in Valley City, the funds released contains a claw back provision returning a percentage of the sales tax dollars.

Approved a Barnes County Commission’s designation of voting places for each precinct for 2018 election.

Vote by mail will be activated in the June 2018 elections along with a polling place at the Barnes County Courthouse.

Approved the 2018 Public Works Budget.  City Administrator Schelkoph said, the 2018 General Fund budget is $11- million – 99 thousand lower than each of the past two years.  He said a major factor in the decline is a 12-to15 percent cut in power  costs from the Western Area Power Authority.


Approved the Final Design Engineering Agreement for Paving Improvement District No. 115 with KLJ in an amount not to exceed $37,500.

Approved the Preliminary & Design Engineering Agreement for Permanent Flood Protection Phase III

– Master Lift Station with KLJ in an amount not to exceed $140,000.

KLJ said the Master Lift Station will be protected by this phase of the project.  

Approved the appointment of Mike Bishop to Barnes County Planning & Zoning; Valley City Planning & Zoning Commission.

Approved the  renewal applications for mobile home parks for the Viking Drive Estates. City Fire Chief Retterath said the water supply issue has been corrected and approved.   The Commission approve the renewal pending a certificate of insurance of liability.

City Administrator Schelkoph said three liquor establishments have not complied with trained liquor servers.

Police Chief Hatcher said a final class will be held for any delinquent liquor establishment to send servers for training on December 27, 2017.

Commissioner Bishop moved that a $200 fee for the establishments in attendance due to non compliance, outside the normal complementary training held quarterly, with the those costs coming from a grant.

The Commissioners vote unanimously to approve.

A License Qualifications violation resolution was also reviewed concerning serving training compliance, and renewals of liquor licenses, specifically delaying the license renewal, or suspension.

Chief Hatcher prefers more lienience  in the resolution.

The Commissioners discussed a motion to delay issuance of license renewal of those establishments not in compliance of server training by a date before December 29, 2018.

Mayor Carlsrud said monitoring should continue.


City Administrator’s Report was given, along with the City Updates and Commission Reports.

David Schelkoph said, about 50 people attended the last Comprehensive Transportation plan.

He repeated that it is unlawful to place snow into the streets.


City Updates and Commission Reports:

City Fire Chief Retterath reminds residence to service such items as furnace and other fuel burning applicances.

He added that ice on bodies of water is still not safe to be on.

The open meeting was shown live on CSi 68 followed by replays.