This Day In History, December 30, 1883 – Northwestern Hotel, McGinnis Block, and Dakota House Hotel fall victim to disastrous early morning fire.   *** from the 125th Anniversary Calendar of Jamestown History ***  

The picture to the left is an early street scene of Jamestown (from the 125th Anniversary Calendar).   The building seen here are from left to right:  Variety Theater, residences, Northwestern Hotel,  Empire Store, Dakota House, and across the street is the James River National Bank.  In December  of 1883 flames were discovered in the kitchen of the Northwestern Hotel and within  three hours it, and the two structures to the west, were reduced to ashes. The James River National Bank, which stood across the street, survived by hanging wet blankets over the windows to extinguish flying sparks. It is the only structure still in existence today in the former bank building which now houses Babbs Coffee Shop and offices on the second floor.


“At Jamestown Dakota, on December 30, the Northwestern hotel, the Dakota House,the McGinnis block, the North Dakota bank building and several small office buildings were destroyed by fire. the loss was said to be $100,000.”

*** ( from The Chronicle, The Interests of Insurance, New York – volume 33 – Google books)