Jamestown  (CSi)   The City of Jamestown is proposing changing 1st Ave from 2 norths & 2 lanes south, to 1 lane north & 1 lane south.  The propose changes include the downtown areas of 1st Avenue from 8th Street South to 5th Street Northwest, and 5th Street Northwest from 1st Avenue to 4th Avenue Northwest.

  • Proposed 1st Ave from 3rd St S to 2nd St S Proposed 1st Ave from 3rd St S to 2nd St S
  • Proposed 5th St NW,  parking on south, bike lane on north Proposed 5th St NW, parking on south, bike lane on north
  • Location of corner "bump outs"  Location of corner "bump outs"

The proposal would reduce the number of traffic lanes on 1st Avenue and portions of 5th Street Northwest from four to three.  On 1st Avenue, instead of 2 lanes north and 2 lanes south, it would be 1 lane north, 1 lane south, and a center left turn lane.    On 5th St NW, it appears parking would be allowed on the south side, and a bike lane (?) on the north side for some portion.  Take this informal CSiNewsNOW poll.  Below is a video from New Jersey about putting streets on a “diet” to view what is being proposed.

Proposed improvements include pedestrian access, aesthetics, changing First Avenue from four lanes to three lanes with a dedicated center turn lane.  Also being looked at is traffic signals and signal timing.  Those unable to attend Thursday’s meeting may send written comments  by Feburary 15th to: Travis Dillman, City Engineer, 102 3rd Ave. NE, Jamestown, ND 58401 or by email at travis.dillman@interstateeng.com.

Implementing Road Diets – New Jersey Video




Jamestown   (CSi)  A Public Input Meeting will be held at 5:30 pm on Feb 1  at the City Hall downstairs Conference Room at 102 3rd Avenue NE Jamestown, ND. The meeting will include a formal presentation at 5:30 with time for questions and comments afterwards.

The purpose of the Public Input Meeting is to discuss:
• Current street issues in downtown Jamestown
• Pedestrian Access
• Aesthetics
• Changing Main Street from 4 lanes to 3 lanes utilizing a dedicated center turn lane
• Governor’s “Main Street Initiative”
• Signals and Signal timing

The meeting will provide opportunity for public comment. Representatives from the City of Jamestown will be on hand to discuss ideas and concerns.

If unable to attend the Public Input Meeting, written statements or comments must be mailed by February 15, 2018 to: Travis Dillman, City Engineer, 102 3rd Avenue NE, Jamestown, ND 58401 or travis.dillman@interstateeng.com

The City of Jamestown will consider every request for reasonable accommodation to provide:
• An accessible meeting facility or other accommodation for people with disabilities,
• Language interpretation for people with limited English proficiency (LEP), and
• Translations of written material necessary
To request accommodations, contact Jeff Fuchs, Administrator, City of Jamestown at (701) 252-5900 or jfuchs@daktel.com.

Provided by Jamestown Downtown Association…..

New Jersey Road Diet Video