Jamestown  (CSi)  The Jamestown City Council met in Regular Session Monday evening at City Hall.  All members were present.

CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS Discussed Separately:

Council Member Buchan requested Item I be discussed separately. Resolution to authorize the City Attorney to send a notice of default to the Recycling Center of North Dakota, Inc., on February 1, 2018, if curbside recycling service has not yet begun based on the terms of the agreement between the company and the City of Jamestown.

He asked if the notice had been sent, and City Attorney Leo Ryan said it had not, as of yet.

Buchanan asked about the default notice, to which Ryan said it was legal action, and that the recycler has 60 days from February 1, 2018 to begin recycling, the trigger date for the default notice.

Mayor Andersen said the date of default will be in early April.

Following discussion the City Council voted, unanimously to approve the Resolution.




PUBLIC HEARING: Concerning Seal Coat, Patching, Construction and Reconstruction District #18-41 protests and the sufficiency thereof.

Following the Public Hearing it was determined that protests have been found to be insufficient to bar proceeding with Seal Coat, Patching, Construction and Reconstruction District

Resolution passed to authorize the City Engineer to develop detailed plans, specifications and estimates for Seal Coat, Patching, Construction and Reconstruction District #18-41.

Council members considered entering into an agreement renewal with the Jamestown Community Correction Program to provide community service and restitution program services for a fee of $3.00 per hour.

Mayor Andersen moved to table, pending additional information.

Considered was the request from Otter Tail Power Company for reimbursement for relocating electrical lines off City right-of-way.

From Otter Tail Power, Richie Wolf said the area concerns 12th Avenue Northeast.

He said the city originally indicated room for the utility, and then informed Otter Tail that changes in the design with the street and sidewalk, required moving the utility’s lines.  He said the lines were reinstalled underground, at a cost of $33,000. He requested the city pay the cost of $7,500.

The franchise agreement indicates the utility will not charge the city for movement from the City Right of Way.

Wolf said Otter Tail Power agrees, but brought up the issue to say rate payers will foot the bill for the relocation.

Mayor Andersen said she sees an exemption to the agreement in this case, as part of the multi-use path project.

Council Member Buchanan moved to pay the $7,500.

The council voted 4-1 to approve, with Council Member Brubakken voting in opposition.



FIRST READING: Concerning an ordinance to amend and re-enact Ordinance No. 329 of the City Code by amending the District Map to change the zoning of All Except the S90’ of Lot 1 Replat & Except Parcel A, Block 1, Residence Park 2nd Addition, from R-1 (One Family Residential District) to R-2 (One to Six Families Residential District).





Appointed Trent Hillerud  to serve as a member on the Fire Code Board of Appeals for a three year term to expire November 2020.


Appointed Travis Iversen to serve as an Assistant City Attorney and Assistant City Prosecutor for a term to expire June 2018.




Approved recognizing the EZ Wheels Shrine Club as an other public spirited organization and authorize the issuance of a raffle permit.

The City Council rejected  a bid due to irregularity, and  not opened January 30 for the Water Treatment Plant roofing removal and replacement project.

A second bid was opened as it’s irregularity was rectified.

A third bid was submitted by another business.

Then, the Council voted to award the bid to  C.L. Lindfoot of Grand Forks, in the amount of $195,674.

The Council tabled action on the bids due to a wide variance in the bid price.

The meeting was shown live on CSi Cable 67 followed by replays.