Jamestown  (CSi)  Jamestown City Fire Chief Jim Reuther called the Dispatch Center Thursday evening when he spotted diesel fuel spilling from a pump nozzle at Sooper Pumper, in Southwest Jamestown.

The charter bus being filled, was unattended with the driver inside the bus , as the pump nozzle failed to shut off when the bus’ tank was full.

Reuther tells CSiNewsNow.com  he shut off the pump and notified the driver.

No injuries reported

Jamestown City Firefighters  responded at about 6:20-p.m. assisting with hazmat containment, of around 15 gallons of fuel, pumping the fuel into a tanker, and applying a floor-dry padding material to keep the fuel from reaching near-by storm sewers, followed by sand applied by city workers.

25 firefighters remained on  standby at the city fire hall.

Reuther says the store employees will clean the rest of the material today.