Horace  (Farm Rescue)  Farm Rescue, the nonprofit organization that provides planting, harvesting, haying and hay hauling assistance free of charge to farm and ranch families who have experienced a major illness, injury or natural disaster, received a grant totaling $100,000 from the Otto Bremer Trust.

Dan Erdman reports that Farm Rescue just completed its busiest year to date, with over 125 farm and ranch families receiving assistance from the nonprofit’s Angels in Blue volunteers. The organization also reached another milestone by assisting its 500th family since operations first began in 2006. Farm Rescue is grateful for the business sponsors, grantors and individual donors who make it possible to provide timely assistance to farmers and ranchers during times of unexpected crises.

The Otto Bremer Trust was among Farm Rescue’s earliest sponsors and continues to be a strong supporter of rural communities throughout the region. They are also one of the largest sponsors of the one-of-a-kind nonprofit organization, with investments totaling more than $650,000 throughout Farm Rescue’s history.

Farm Rescue Founder & President, Bill Gross says, “The Otto Bremer Trust has been instrumental in the success of our mission. We thank them for helping us to assist hundreds of farm families in crisis.”

Co-CEO and Trustee, Otto Bremer Trust  Brian Lipschultz, says, “We believe Farm Rescue is an important asset to the region and value the work they are doing.  Our investment in Farm Rescue’s programs help farm and ranch families across the region who are facing difficult economic challenges.”