Jamestown (CSi)   The Jamestown City Council’s Finance & Legal Committee Building, Planning & Zoning Committee  and Civic Center & Promotion Committee met Tuesday March 20, at 4:00 PM City Hall.  Council Member Brubakken was not present.


The committee recommends approving  a request from the JSDC to approve a New Job Training Funds loan for Thyssen/Krupp, in the amount of $25,000 with the City Share to be $20,000, and paid from the City Sales Tax Fund.

The committee recommends approving a request from the JSDC for reimbursement for 2017 JSDC Real Estate & Special Assessment costs from Economic Development Funds, in the amount $7,312.93, with the City Share to be $6,629.01 and paid from the City Sales Tax Fund.

Committee members recommended approving a  request from the JSDC for funding the development of the Jamestown Airport Business Park from Economic Development Funds, in an amount up to $3,500,000.00, with the City Share to be $2,800,000.00 and paid from the City Sales Tax Fund.

The committee recommended approval of three Opportunity Zone applications to the State of ND and a letter of recommendation.

The Opportunity Zone program, can allow investors who sell property such as stocks or real estate for a profit to  reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes on the profits by investing the proceeds in a low-income community.


The committee recommends introducing the first reading of an ordinance to amend and re-enact a Chapter  of the City Code pertaining to the Forestry Department.

The ordinance was adopted in 1988. Council Member Buchanan pointed out that the Shade Tree Committee has reworked the Ordinance to make it more easily understandable, and more flexible.

The committee recommends approval of the memorandum of understanding with North Dakota Soybean Processors, pertaining identifying where the waste water will be treated.

The committee discussed the licensing, background checks, and associated costs for taxi services and towing services. Police Chief Edinger said a standard needs to be set while performing a background check, including information that may or may not be disclosed.

The committee recommends approval of a revised Drug and Alcohol Policy for Jamestown Taxi Services.   Human Resource Director Jay Sveum stated that drugs being tested for, will be added. The Requirement is for federally funded taxi services.

The committee recommends refunding Quarterly Sunday Liquor Permits for a specified period, August 1, 2017- state legislation was repealed [NDCC 5-02-05.1]

The committee discussed selling the property located at 403 ½ 3rd Ave NW to one of the adjoining property owners.

The structure was demolished, and is considered on land locked property.

The city’s cost is at $5,000.

The committee discussed listing an established price on the property, and made no formal recommendation.

The committee discussed entering into an agreement with Jamestown Community Correction Program. (Tabled at March 7, 2018 City Council meeting.)

The JCCP Board recommends changes to present back to the city for consideration.

Included in the agreement is a dollar buyback in lieu of community service go to the Community Correction program.

The city committee  recommends entering into the amended agreement.



The committee recommends introducing the first reading of an ordinance to amend and re-enact Section 3 and Section 7, Appendix B, and to enact Section 6.1, Appendix B, of the City Code pertaining to minor subdivisions.


The committee recommends  the First Reading of a change to the Zoning Ordinance regarding medical marijuana

The Ordinance sets forth  Special Use Permit specifications.

The Stutsman County Commission this month unanimously approved the First Reading of a proposed Zoning Ordinance setting where a medical marijuana manufacturing facility or dispensary can be located  in the county, based on conditional use permits. A  manufacturing facility  is permitted by conditional use located within agricultural and industrial districts, while dispensaries are permitted through conditional use only in agricultural, commercial and industrial districts.



No agenda items at this time.

It was pointed out that some of the lower level bleachers are in the process of being replaced.

The meeting was shown live on CSi Cable 67 followed by replays.