This Day In History, March 27, 1968 – Gladstone Hotel fire in Jamestown . . . .  from the 125th Anniversary Calendar of Jamestown History.

50 years ago – March 27, 1968 – fire destroyed the landmark “Gladstone Hotel” in downtown Jamestown, ND.   CSi TV 10 – TheReplayChannel has assembled home movie film footage of the fire from the film collections of the Clifford Paulsen (Jamestown Fire Department), Harold Bensch, and Joe Ebertz.

The audio portion is an Interview for The Wayne Byers Show on CSi 2, with Gordon Christianson and Pat Folk.  Joining the interview with Wayne Byers was Gordy’s wife JoAnn. Interview recorded March 26, 2018.

If you have any film or photographs from that day, please contact #TheReplayChannel at 701-252-2400. We will be editing a 2nd version that will include still photographs submitted.   Like and share this sneak peek video of local history.

Assembled by Thomas Ravely for The Replay Channel.

Music: “Windswept” by Kevin MacLeod, .