Jamestown  (CSi)  n the June 12th Primary Election ballot will be nominations will be for County Commission Candidates, with those individuals running for seats in the November General Elections, for four year terms.


Those filing petitions  for county commission are:

  • Nellie Degen
  • Dennis Ova
  • Mark McPherson
  • Ramone Gumke
  • Steven Cichos
  • Craig Neys

Dale Marks has indicated he will not run for re-election to the Stutsman County Commission.


State’s Attorney: Four year term

  • Fritz Fremgen


Sheriff:  Four year term

  • Chad Kaiser


Director, Garrison Diversion Conservancy District:  Four year term

  • Geneva Kaiser


Official County Newspaper:

  • The Jamestown Sun


Voters on June 12 will cast ballots for five member for the Jamestown Public School Board.

There are three City/Urban Seats and two rural positions open for four year terms.

Filing for the City/Urban seats are:

  • Heidi Larson
  • Brenda Roemmich
  • Robert Toso
  • Jason Rohr


Filing for the Rural Positions:

  • Cedric Trevithick

Business Manager, Sally Ost says, no one filed to fill the second Rural Seat.  (Incumbent Greg Allen has indicted he will not run for re-election.)