(CSi) Last year, the Stutsman County Commission approved an open burning ordinance that limits when burning can be safely carried out.  The ordinance is in effect 365 days a year.  However, it restricts burning only when the Fire Danger Rating for Stutsman County is in the “VERY HIGH” or “EXTREME” categories or if a “RED FLAG WARNING” has been issued by the National Weather Service.


Stutsman County Emergency Manager, Jerry Bergquist says, because of the dry conditions, Wednesday was the first day this season that Stutsman County has been placed in the “VERY HIGH” fire danger category.  Because of these conditions, the ordinance dictates that NO burning is permitted within Stutsman County. This includes starting, conducting, allowing, maintaining, or soliciting any open burn activities.


Violations of the open burning ordinance will be enforced.  A violation is a Class B misdemeanor, for which a maximum penalty of 30 days in jail, a fine of $1,500.00 or both may be imposed.


This ordinance is in effect in all of Stutsman County including its incorporated cities that do not have their own open burning ordinances.  The ordinance does not include the City of Jamestown which has its own ordinances relating to burning.


The daily Fire Danger Rating can be found by going to the Stutsman County website at www.co.stutsman.nd.us and clicking on the red Fire Danger icon or by calling the Stutsman County Communications Center at 701-252-1000.  A full version of the burn ordinance can also be found at the website under Departments, choose Zoning, and click on “Burn Ban Ordinance” on the right hand side of the page.


Because of the dry conditions, expect additional days where burning will be restricted at least until the pastures green up.  For more information contact the Stutsman County Emergency Manager’s Office at 701-252-9093