Valley City  (CSi)  The Valley City StreetScape Committee meets Tuesday may 15 at 7:30-a.m., at City Hall, with the public invited to attend.

Agenda Items include:

Discussing the current project

Discussing Phase Two, Current Status

Review Concrete Choices

Bench Placement.

The project is on hold after the bid opening process last Friday when, at the NDDOT office, in Bismarck, it was revealed that only one bid was submitted, at over $400,000 dollars, which is over the projected city cost estimate.

Valley City Mayor Dave Carlsrud says, the city will discuss  options with the NDDOT, and depending on Department of Transportation approval, the Valley City officials  will find out if the bids can be let again early next year.

Valley City Commission last month approved of the Central Avenue and 3rd Avenue Southeast street improvement projects.