Jamestown (JRMC)  The Community Health Partnership is looking for public’s help.

In a collaboration between public and private health, Central Valley Health, Jamestown Regional Medical Center and the Community Health Partnership are asking for input from the community to help prioritize the top three health concerns.

In April, the Community Health Partnership group reviewed data and survey results. Leading causes of death in Stutsman County include cancer, heart disease and unintentional injury. The data also consisted of County Health Rankings that indicate the following areas of strength: unemployment and education level.

Areas to work on include obesity, smoking and excessive drinking. Over 600 responses were obtained from an online survey conducted by the ND Center for Rural Health in Stutsman County to identify health and safety related concerns.

Physical health concerns identified in the survey include obesity, cancer and poor nutrition/eating habits. Cost of healthcare services and insurance were among the top concerns for delivery of health services.

Safety concerns included public transportation, traffic safety and crime.

Considering this information, the public is asked to vote on the community’s top health three health concerns that would have the most impact on improving quality of life in Stutsman County. Those options include:

-tobacco use
-diet and exercise
-substance use
-sexual activity
-access to care
-quality of care
-family and social support
-community safety
-environmental quality
-built environment

Central Valley Health District, Administrator, Robin Iszler says, “The public’s feedback helps us identify areas to work on to improve health over the next three years. Based on the community’s feedback, we can make effective decisions regarding healthier choices or health concerns.”

When voting, the CHP asks the community to consider the vision – to be the healthiest place to live, learn, work and play; available data; the Community Health Assessment survey results; professional and personal experience, Iszler said.

The Community Health Partnership offers the survey and prioritization opportunities once every three years. Both public and private healthcare organizations use the results as part of their strategic plans.

To vote for the health concern you think the community should prioritize, vote online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/StutsmanCountySurvey.  If you already voted at the April 19 meeting at Gladstone Inn & Suites, please do not vote again.

The public is also welcome to attend the Community Health Partnership planning meeting at noon, Thursday, May 17 at Central Valley Health. The deadline to vote is Friday, May 25.

For more information, call (701) 252-8130.