Jamestown  (CSi)   The Jamestown Tourism Grant Executive Board met Thursday at the CSi Technology Center at Historic Franklin School.

Those in attendance included:  Board Members, Taylor Barnes (Acting Chairperson) Janna Bergstedt, Tena Lawrence, and Mitzi Hager.

Tourism Director, Searle Swedlund, and Ex Officio member Pam Phillips, representing the Jamestown City Council.


Grant requests were heard concerning funding for:

White Cloud Days, by the National Buffalo Museum

Flag Pole Replacement, from Fort Seward


With White Cloud Days, National Buffalo Museum Director, Ilana Xinos requested $2,250 for the White Cloud Days Festival to be held primarily on July 28, 2018, with the funds to be used to advertise city-wide events and activities.

Planned activities and events include, the parade, the Classic Car Show, City Fire Department Pancake Breakfast fundraiser, min-art hunt, crafts, food, and other vendors, along with TRAC holding a 5K event. The economic impact of White Cloud Days is $120,000.

No other funding sources were outlined.

The Board voted to fund the full amount.


Fort Seward, represented by Dale Marks requested $9,500 to replace the small flag pole that was blown down during a wind storm, on April 29 this year. The 5X8 foot flag flies full time, marking the historic Fort grounds.  Funds on hand are earmarked for future maintenance.  No other funding sources were indicated.

The proposed new flag pole would be 70 feet above ground and aluminum construction, replacing the former 73 foot wooden pole.

The request was fully granted, as the board feels Fort Seward has not made many requests for deferred maintenance.  Given the nature of the site and its connection to the military, it’s important to have a patriotic presence.


With Executive Board Items:

The Tourism Report, by Searle Swedlund included noting the summer staff is currently onboard at the office.  He pointed out that the Frontier Village Association has indicated that they will continue to work on the former Midland Continental Railroad Caboose refurbishing at Frontier Village.  He added that the 1883 Stutsman County Courthouse Committee has established a “Young Sheriff Program,” where young people visiting the courthouse are “deputized,” as ambassadors  of the courthouse.


Ex-Officio Reports:  City Council Member Pam Phillips told the committee that under the direction of the City Council and City Attorney, the gate at Frontier Village is permanently open.

She added that on May 24th a meeting will be held to discuss issues, with Frontier Village, including management, and agencies working together to enhance the visitors experience.

Ms. Phillips said she will represent the City Council the meeting to include Frontier Village President, Nellie Degen and Treasurer Tina Busche.  Also invited to the meeting are Jamestown Police Chief Scott Edinger, Fire Chief Jim Reuther, City Attorney Leo Ryan, and City Administrator, Sarah Helleckson.

Discussion was held on Variables for making Grant Decisions.

Some of the items discussed included: working on gaps and needs of the visitors, enabling longer visitor stays, having Jamestown as a tourist destination, and creating new activities, and events, which are unique to Jamestown.