Valley City  (CSi)  Valley City voters went to the polls Tuesday June 12 to elect a Mayor, and two City Commission members along with Park Board, and School Board candidates.   Final vote tabulations from Barnes County Courthouse Tuesday evening below:

Mayor – Valley City
Dave Carlsrud
Write In 350
City Commissioner
Elect 2
Corey Neseth 640
Duane Magnuson
Jeff Erickson
Write In 397
Park Board – Valley City
Elect 3
Jenni Russi 681
 x Michael Lentz 856
 x Susan Kringlie 1088
 x William Murray 988
  Barnes County Commission Dist 4
Two advance to Nov General
Terence Brock 45
 x Vicky Lovell 147
Erik Sand 59
 x Marcy Svenningsen 215


All vote totals are unofficial until canvassed, and certified.

Barnes County Auditor Beth Didier says, on Tuesday their were 917 in-person voters.

Mail-in votes were 1,653 for  total of 2,570 voters.  For 2016 Primary/Election there were 804 voters at the polls, with 1,930 mail-in ballots.