Jamestown  (CSi)  Stutsman County election officials report that even though Jamestown Public Schools ballot candidate Sedric Threvithick running for election to his  seat  and received 2,065 votes, he is ineligible to be a school board member and will need to resign the position at the July 16th school board meeting.

The Jamestown Sun reports that while voting, it was determined that he lives in the Barnes County North school district, after living in Eldridge and eligible for the rural seat.

His rural seat will then be appointed.

For the second rural seat, without a ballot candidate there were  83 write in votes.  Nine were for non-person and not counted.

Incumbent Greg Allen had indicated he would not run for re-election for a rural seat.

His rural seat will could  be awarded to a possible write-in candidate or another appointment made by the school board.

The  unofficial results of 75 write-in ballots for the open rural seat include Greg Allen with 31 votes. Allen, a current member of the school board, had announced he would retire in July and was not seeking re-election.

Heidi Williams received 6 write-in votes, and Mark Sherfy received 5 votes. Melissa Gleason, Kelly Seckerson and Sara Wilson received 2 votes each. There were 27 individuals with 1 vote.

The school board meets July 16th to certify the election results.

The Sun’s report adds, Stutsman County COO Nicole Meland says, the process of selecting a write-in candidate starts with the open rural seat vacated by Greg Allen. The seat goes to the individual with the most write-in votes who is eligible and accepts the board membership.

The process continues through the list based on  the number of votes received.

After the open seat is filled  the process  continues with Trevithick’s resignation and filling the seat with the remaining write-in candidates.   If the process does not fill one or both seats then the school board would appoint people according to its own policies

CSiNewsNow.com will follow up with more information from Jamestown Public Schools.