Jamestown  (JRMC)  — Jamestown Regional Medical Center’s Family BirthPlace was recently selected to participate in the Centers for Disease Control EMPower Training initiative.

This initiative provides in-person training to develop skills-based competency training curriculum that focuses on the safe implementation of maternity care practices that are supportive of optimal infant nutrition. JRMC Family BirthPlace will also receive access to training modules, support services and other resources on breastfeeding practices.

JRMC is one of only two North Dakota birthing hospitals selected for this program. Sanford Health, Bismarck, was also selected. EMPower Training initiative chose only 90 hospitals nationwide.

JRMC Family BirthPlace is committed to the safe implementation of maternity care practices that support optimal infant nutrition. They work towards training staff in evidence-based maternity care practices that show this support.

Family BirthPlace Manager, Emily Woodley, says, “JRMC is excited for this opportunity to learn how best to support and assist moms, babies and families in getting off to a great start with breastfeeding.”

Through the EMPower Training initiative, JRMC Family BirthPlace will monitor its monthly measures for quality improvement purposes. This helps to assess progress in the safe implementation of optimal nutrition practices.

The initiative will begin in August 2018 with an in-person training course to learn a five-hour curriculum. The training initiative will continue through August 2019.

To learn more about EMPower Training, Family BirthPlace and breastfeeding, contact JRMC Family BirthPlace at (701) 952-4807 or visit www.jrmcnd.com/family-birthplace/.


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