Jamestown  (CSi)  Jamestown’s Mayor-Elect, Dwaine Heinrich will take the oath of  the office of mayor at the Jun 26th Organization Meeting of the new city council, at 4-p.m., at City.

From The Wayne Byers Show on CSi 2

Mayor-elect Heinrich on The Wayne Byers Show June 18, 2018 from The Replay Channel on Vimeo.


On the Monday June 18th, Wayne Byers Show on CSi Cable 2, on winning the election over two term Jamestown Mayor Katie Andersen, and challenger Joshua Meade, Heinrich said he felt he was a viable alternative to the mayoral candidates on the ballot, and that he appreciates the support of voters.  He plans to make himself available to citizens, and passed along his cell phone number on the show 701-269-1128.

As of now, he hasn’t determined his office hours at city hall, noting that he has a more flexible schedule with changes to his business’ structure, to dedicate the office of mayor.

One of the campaign issues he clarified on our show is that he is definitely in favor of continuing and improving residential recycling in Jamestown.  He said during the campaign rumors indicated he was not in favor of recycling, which is not true.

He said the current recycler needs to continue to look at a sorting process locally, of the materials collected, and city officials need to make sure recycling is properly executed, and additional education is likely needed so residents are putting the appropriate items in the recycling containers.

He said if the Jamestown residential recycling program is not handled well, by the current recycler, another recycler would need to be sought.

Heinrich pointed out that he will meet with city council members, and make committee assignments.  He also wants to review the city’s financial condition, including dollars in the city’s reserve fund and deficit spending, noting that the 2019 budget meetings will be starting soon.

He wants the state to look at charging state sales tax for items individuals purchase on line in an effort to keep “brick and mortar,” businesses in operation, in addition to adding to the city’s sale tax base.

Heinrich also wants to look into reviewing the number of outside consultants the city hires, concerning costs to the city.

With the proposed railroad overpass at Third Street Southeast, he feels that the plan is not practical, and that the city needs to look into improving the current underpass at the viaduct.

He said the method of funding an overpass, needs to be reviewed as well, and any local costs.

On the proposal for the “road diet” plan concerning the changes relative to traffic flow issues, downtown, he suggested painting street markings on the pavement to “test” how the changes are affecting traffic.  He said changing the traffic flow on major city streets, also affects the flow of traffic on side streets.  He added that improved traffic lights are also needed in the city.

He questioned if the city will be receiving grant dollars for the project, which has yet to be determined.

He also brought up possible snow clearing issues under the plan, and noted that “bump-outs” under the plan would mean a costly relocating of storm sewer inlets.

On our show, he indicated that during the 10 years he previously spent as a city council member, the city implemented the  city council’s Consent Agenda, shortening the length of meetings, and that with cooperation of former city council member, Jeff Wilhelm, the City Wide Clean Up program was started.  He also pointed out that during his tenure on the city council, the city implemented city employee’s coming under the North Dakota retirement plan.

On another topic said there is one other individual, in the United States, a farmer in California is  also named, “Dwaine Heinrich,” with the same spelling.  He discovered the Jamestown Dwaine Heinrich’s election campaign and requested a campaign sign, which Jamestown’s Heinrich obliged, saying he will send him a 4×4 campaign sign.

The California man indicated that he plans to hang the sign in his barn.