Public Record of Administrative cases reviewed or closed July 2018.

Jamestown Rural Fire Dept.   2017 SA 09.   Authority to enter premises when landowner refuses to consent to enter and potential for liability for refraining from entering if neighbor’s property burns

2017 SA 11 Auditor, boards with no volunteers
2017 11 21 What does county do when it needs an board that is not constituted.


Victim advocate Russ is doing great! Russ has filed the grant application for the VOCA grant. The County does not pay Russ retirement or health insurance benefits, so we needed to refrain from applying for a grant for those expenses. The grant award will likely go down.


Extra hours Fritz worked in 2018
069 extra hours as of 30 Jan 2018
151 extra hours as of 28 Feb 2018
240 extra hours as of 28 Mar 2018
355 extra hours as of 25 Apr 2018
426 extra hours as of 30 May 2018
461 extra hours as of 29 Jun 2018
514 extra hours as of 31 Jul 2018

Odyssey numbers as of 06 Aug 2018

Felonies open misdemeanors open
51 37 Fritz Fremgen
43 37 Dana Sims
32 30 Joseph Nwoga

Criminal tasks awaiting action review for charges make sentence offer file pre-trial memo
33 04 04 Fritz Fremgen
07 12 10 Dana Sims
05 01 04 Joseph Nwoga

Open felony cases on Odyssey by state’s attorney, 30 May 2018, Odyssey survey
03 Grand Forks County, David Jones
80 Ramsey, Kari Agotness
161* Ward, Roza Larson, *27 March 2017, Roza thinks these are cases not assigned to an atty
70 Williams, Marlyce Wilder
48 McKenzie, Charles B. “Chaz” Neff
26 Stark, Tom Henning
16 Morton, Allen Koppy
03 Burleigh, Richard Riha
51 Stutsman, Fritz Fremgen
20 Barnes, Carl Martineck
09 Richland, Megan Kummer
16 Cass, Birch Burdick

ND Supreme Court (NDSCT) briefs and appearances
State v Walter Grant, 47 2016 CR 579
NDSCT opinion published. Judgment of conviction affirmed 17 July 2018.  On the 14th of July 2017, Grant pled guilty to burglary, rape, terrorizing, and aggravated assault and was sentenced to 18 years. Grant appealed claiming he was mentally incompetent and the district court erred by failing to find Grant was fit to proceed. Fritz wrote the brief and argued the case before the Supreme Court. This began as Kate Naumann’s case in 2015.

In the Interest of A. T., 47-2017-JV-51 Parental rights terminated due in part to exposure of the child to methamphetamine shown through hair follicle testing. Respondent appealed. Fritz took over this case from Kate when she left. Brief filed 26 July 2018. Argument waived by court. NDSCT opinion published. Order terminating parental rights affirmed.

Interest of Carter, 47-06-R-290.  Carter was convicted of a sex crime in 2004, served his sentence and was civilly committed as a
sexual offender. Carter regularly exercises his right to an annual review. The district court found carter is a sexually dangerous individual and Carter appealed. Transcript arrived. State’s brief
due about September 16, 2018. Fritz took this case over from Kate when she left. No assistant has any experience with civil commitments of sexually dangerous individuals.

In the Interest of P.T.D, C.R.D., P.A.D., P.P.D., & N.A.D., 47 2018 JV 1 thru 5. On the 4th of May 2018, the district court entered an order finding the children deprived and ordering case management. On the 15th of May 2018, notice of appeal was filed. Transcripts
have been filed. Due to the complexity of the files and not having an attorney in Jeff’s slot, Fritz took over this family’s cases when Jeff Davis left. Brief due about mid September.

Richard Dodge v State, 47-2018-CV-00256
On the 8th of December 2015, Dodge used a firearm to rob an alleged meth thief. On the 31st of August of 2016, Dodge pled guilty to robbery, terrorizing, and felonious restraint and was sentenced to serve 70 months with the NDDOCR. On the 10th of April 2018, Dodge signed an application for post-conviction relief claiming he was coerced into pleading guilty and that his attorney had a disqualifying conflict of interest. Dodge wants to withdraw his guilty plea and go to trial. This case likely will be appealed to the
ND Supreme Court. Court. Hearing rescheduled to 15 Oct 2018.

Ervin Brandvold v State, 47-2018-CV-00069
On the 14th of January 2013, Brandvold was sentenced to 9 years for gross sexual imposition (GSI). On the 31st of January 2018, Brandvold filed an application for post-conviction relief claiming he was not mentally competent to plead guilty. Brandvold wants to withdraw his plea and go to trial. This was Ashley Heitkamp’s case in 2012. Fritz drafted an Answer, a Motion for Summary Dismissal, and Motion to Dismiss Based on Statute of Limitations. Dr. Lisota found the man competent to participate in the criminal justice system. Hearing in district court on 08 November 2018. This case likely will be appealed to the ND Supreme Court.