Jamestown  (CSi)  Results of the Tues Nov 6 General Election, including contested Local Stutsman County races, County Measure #1,  and ND District 29 Senate & House.      (Barnes County Results Page)


* Stutsman County Commission top 3
x 4582 Dennis Ova
x 4581 Steven Cichos
x 3993 Ramone Gumke
3972 Mark McPherson
3857 Craig Neys
1979 Nellie Degen
* Stutsman County Sheriff
x 6395 Chad Kaiser
3061 Elizabeth Kapp
* Stutsman County Measure #1
Raise 9-1-1 fee up to $1.50/mth
x 4845 Yes
4465 No
* ND District 29 Senate – FINAL
 X 4690 (R) Terry Wanzek
1941 (D) Katherine Roth
District 29 TOTALS , all reporting Stutsman, LaMoure, and Foster
* ND District 29 State Representative – Final
 x 4181 (R) Chet Pollert
 x 3803 (R) Craig Headland
2111 (D) Lori Carlson
2068 (D) Mary Schlosser
District 29 totals all reporting Stutsman, LaMoure, and Foster

Results are unofficial until canvassed and certified. The Stutsman County Canvassing Board will certify the election on Tuesday November 13, at 10 a.m. at the Stutsman County courthouse.

If the unofficial results in the Stutsman County Commission race hold, there will be a recount between the third and fourth place candidates.

Stutsman County Auditor and COO, Nichole Meland says, if there is less than point five  percent difference between the third and fourth place candidate votes.