Jamestown  (CSi)  The Jamestown Tourism Grant/Executive Advisory Board met Wednesday at The CSi Technology Center at Historic Franklin School.

Board members in attendance were: President Matt Woods, Janna Bergstedt,  Frank Balak, Taylor Barnes, Tena Lawrence, and Mitzi Hager, along with Tourism Director Searle Swedlund.

Ex Officio Members: Emily Bivens –  Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce, Pam Fosse –  Jamestown Civic Center, Pam Phillips – Jamestown City Council,

Grant requests were heard from:

  • The University of Jamestown, UJ Basketball Shootout
  • The University of Jamestown regarding the NAIA National Women’s Wrestling Tournament
  • Hockey Day North Dakota
  • The Jamestown Class Car Club about the Winter Wheels Car Show

The University of Jamestown represented by Thad Sankey, requested $5,000 for the UJ’s Shootout, high school basketball event, December 28, 29, 2018 to be held at Newman Arena for advertising and a percent of operating costs.  The boys and girls event features six boy’s games, and six girl’s games with twelve teams each..

Local sponsors are contributing $4,000.

The economic impact is estimated at $165,000.

The Tourism Board granted the full amount of $5,000, saying the event meets the guidelines and tourism’s mission to bring people to Jamestown and impacting businesses.


With the UJ NAIA National Women’s Wrestling Tournament, the first ever, to be held March 15, 16, 2019 at Newman Arena, where 24 teams will compete including the University of Jamestown, for individual and team titles.  Up to 290 wrestlers, plus coaches will compete, along with fans in attendance, with an economic impact estimated at $181,000.

Sean Johnson said, up to 290 wrestlers, plus coaches will compete, along with fans in attendance, with an economic impact estimated at $181,000.

He said it’s hoped that the experience in the Jamestown community will lead to having the tournament return to Jamestown.

The tourism board granted $10,000.


With Hockey Day North Dakota, Pure Hockey Skills requested $6,500.  The event at the University of Jamestown at an outdoor hockey rink, to be located at Allen Field, on campus, January 18-20, 2019.  On hand will be  hockey players, families, and fans. The weekend includes, high school games, youth games,  from Pee Wee through college age participants, to be capped off with the game between the University of Jamestown and the University of Mary, that Saturday night.

The title sponsor is First Community Credit Union in the amount of $25,000 plus other sponsors with the amount to be confirmed.

The economic impact is estimated at $90,250, with 950 visitors expected.

The tourism board granted $6,500.


The Jamestown Classic Care Club represented by Jack Meikle and Monte Cole, requested,  $1,500 to $2,000 for the Winter Wheels Car show  to be held January 26, 2019 at the Jamestown Civic Center.

Jack Meikle said the dollars requested would be used toward advertising expenses, and other expenses.

The club is promoting “Early Bird,” registration

Added funding comes from the visitor door fee and the vehicle registration fee.

The Civic Center rental is $2,000 to $2,300 for the two days.

Total spending for the 2019 show is between $4,426 and $4,676.

The economic impact is estimated between $50, 000 and $65,000, with participants bringing up to a total of 50 vehicles to the show,  with between 1,100 and 1,400 visitors, some staying in Jamestown overnight.

The tourism board granted $1,500.


With the Executive Board Meeting:

Declaration of Conflict of Interest

Tena Lawrence from the University of Jamestown declared a conflict in conjunction with the grant requests regarding events, in conjunction with UJ.  The board voted to allow her to participate in discussions but refrain from voting, which she did.

Matt Woods declared a conflict, being on the NAIA Women’s Wrestling Committee, and Jenna Bergstedt declared a conflict, and employee of First Community Credit Union, and both were allowed to vote on those projects.

With Mitzi Hager’s Financial Report, the board recommended rolling over reserve funds into a C.D. or other investment Vehicle.

Tourism Report – Searle Swedlund said Jamestown Tourism is no longer in a position to fund the $10,000 for the 2019 fireworks display.  He said  other funding sources are being contacted, including Jamestown Speedway, the fireworks site location.


The Executive Director Review of Searle Swedlund was held by the board, which granted a three percent salary increase along with an increase of the year end bonus amount from the operating expenses fund.

The Board voted to Release Grant Funds including project funds for:

Unused Frontier Village Trader Building roofing of $2100.

Unused Frontier Village Contracted Mowing Service funds in the amount of $2500.