Jamestown  (CSi)  The Jamestown City Council met in Regular Session, Monday evening at City Hall.  All members were present.


David Satrom said in December of 2017 his rental apartment was flooded while he was on vacation for two weeks, when the thermostat malfunctioned, causing the water pipe to burst.

He said he’s been paying back the city on a water bill of $1500.

He said he’s been paying the back bill over the past several months, and wanted to the city to further look into the status of the late fees, and payments.

He added that he’s been paying fees for services not used in apartment buildings, as well.

Mayor Heinrich said the city will take his statements under advisement and look into the issues.



The National League of Cities presented the City of Jamestown with an award at the recent convention in California. Blake Crosby, ND League of Cities Executive Director, accepted the award on behalf of the City of Jamestown.  The award recognized Jamestown for 50 years in the League of Cities, the longest running in North Dakota.


An “Other Business,” item was moved up in the meeting.

A Frontier Village Program Update by current President, Nellie Deegan.

She said that she’s resigning  as President and Board Member.

She pointed out that she is involved in addressing domestic violence and abuse, and needs further time to dedicate to those efforts.

She said she requested the FVA board to regularly update the City Council on a regular basis, on Village business.



A Resolution to forego bids and enter into an agreement for the purchase of hydrocarbons for 2019 for the City of Jamestown Operational Programs and the Jamestown Park Districts Operational Programs, a sharing of resources.

Requires a 75 percent, or 4 out of 5 yes votes to pass.

Yes votes, 100 percent, and passed unanimously.


Consider a Resolution to forego bids and enter into an agreement to establish the specific market prices for chemicals for the water, sewer and wastewater departments during the 2019 calendar year.

Requires a 75 percent, or 4 out of 5 yes votes to pass.

Yes votes  100 percent  the Resolution passes unanimously.



The City Council moved to appoint Blaine ‘Pat’ Stockert and James Weight to serve as a members of the Fire Code Board of Appeals for three year terms to expire November 2021.

Appointed Calvin Dupree to serve as a member of the Law Enforcement Governing Board for a four year term to expire December 2022.



Council Member Steele thanked the University of Jamestown for supporting the Jamestown Police Department to allow special uniforms worn during a recent hockey to be auctioned to support the police department.

Council Member Buchanan thanked law enforcement for their service, regarding life saving efforts performed during emergencies.


Council Member Phillip pointed out that the James River Valley Library System will hold an open to all public meeting and social, on December 11th.

Mayor Heinrich said the city is close to making a decision on re-establishing garbage and recycling routes, regarding alley and residential curbside, pick up.

He asks residents not to go ahead with the changes, if they’ve been notified until it goes into force.


A PUBLIC HEARING was held  to obtain citizen views and to respond to questions related to the proposed Community Development Block Grant application for the Downtown Façade Improvement Project; the community development and housing needs, including the needs or very low and low income persons, as well as other needs in the community that might be addressed through the CDBG program, and the performance of the City in carrying out its community development responsibilities.  No one spoke at the Public Hearing.

Following the Public Hearing, the Council approved, a Resolution to approve and authorize the signing and submission of the final grant application for the CDBG program to the North Dakota Division of Community Services for a ten-year, up to $100,000 annual grant for the Jamestown Downtown Façade Improvement Project, for commercial property owners.

The City Council approved a Resolution to approve and authorize entering into an agreement with the State of North Dakota for a hazard mitigation grant for Phase III of the River Project to stabilize the riverbank, for which 75% is federal, 10% state funded, and 15% locally funded to be paid from the Special Assessments Deficiency Fund.

Council Members then approved  a Resolution to approve and authorize entering into an agreement with Interstate Engineering to provide the basic civil design services and special services on the River Project: Phase III Riverbank Stabilization.

The City Council approved  a Resolution to approve the applications for Renaissance Zone Incentives for up to a five (5) year, one hundred percent (100%) state income tax exemption for the following pending approval by the State of North Dakota Department of Community Services

City Assessor Jamison Veil explained specifics of each request.

The first three requests concerned business properties.


1) Legendary Properties LLP on Lot 10, Block 1, Lindberg Addition (213 Lindwood Drive SW);

2) William and Carrie Curtis on Lot 11, Block 1, Lindberg Addition (211 Lindwood Drive SW);

3) Jon Lindberg, Lot 1, Block 1, Lindberg Addition (200 Lindwood Drive SW);

The final application is under residential.

4) Joseph and Jaime Kraehenbuehl, east 100 feet of Lots 16 and 17, and east 100 feet of the south 20 feet of Lot 18, Block 31, Jamestown Original (124 3rd Ave SE).

The City Council approved  a Resolution to approve and authorize signing of the Department of Transportation North Dakota State Aid for Public Transit Funding Agreement for Section 5311 and State Aid to Public Transit funding on behalf of Jamestown Taxi Service, and committing the local share of funds necessary as budgeted for 2019.

The meeting was shown live on CSi Cable 67, followed by replays.