Jamestown  (CSi)  The Jamestown City Council met in Regular Session Monday evening at City Hall.  All members were present.


James River Valley Library System Director Joe Rector, gave an update on planned and past projects including information on the Alfred Dickey Public Library’s Centennial Initiative.

He said the refurbishing of the library has led the way, including funding from the Friends of the Library.

He pointed out the new electronic scrolling sign installed outside the library.

He said, electrical circuit boxes are being installed, and landscaping will be completed in the spring.

An Alfred Dickey display will be added to the Louis L’Amoure Family display’s interactive kiosk, and room.

The bookmobile stops have been expanded within the city limits, along with an upcoming parks program.

Some Jamestown Public Schools will have visits from the bookmobile.

The Centennial Celebration week, will be February 19-22, 2019.


Item H, was removed by Council Member Brubakken,  a Resolution to approve and modify the garbage and recycling collection routes in specific areas from alley to curbside collection, as recommended by Jamestown Sanitation staff and by Recycle North Dakota, and to transition to a four (4) day collection schedule, with the date to be determined by the City Administrator and staff.

He asked if residents affected by the changes in pick up location have been notified.

Mayor Heinrich said those being affected will be notified after City Council action.

Council Member Phillips questioned if the property owner, or renter will be notified.

City Administrator Hellekson said, the “occupant,” will be notified.


The four days route pick up days for garbage and recycling pick ups will be announced, and residents should continue with the present pick up schedule.

Also to be announced will be the changes, where determined, to move alley garbage and recycling collections to curbsides.

The information on the revised map indicating where the pick up locations will be,  have been sent to affected property owners.

The City Council unanimously approved the modifying the collection routes.


Item  G. was removed by Jerry Demore, a beekeeper, honey producer concerning a Resolution to approve and authorize entering into a three-year agreement with Airborne Custom Spraying for aerial spraying of pesticides of approximately 11,640 acres of the city at the direction of City staff.  He asked about being contact about spraying.

City Administrator Hellekson said there will be notification with the spraying to take place, at dusk.

Demore will speak with city officials about spraying times saying bees should be sprayed in the morning hours.

The City Council approved the agreement with Airborne Custom Spaying.



Considered was the agreement with New Phase Energy for a feasibility study,  to study the gas emitted from  the Wastewater Treatment Facility at a reduced cost, not to exceed 22,500, and authorize the City Attorney, Mayor and City Administrator  to meet with, representatives of New Phase Energy.

If the city goes forward with the project the city will pay additional dollars above the minimum.

New Phase Energy said Fargo is currently doing a similar gas capture from their landfill.

The Jamestown study involves capturing so called Green Gas, or bio-gas emitted from the plant, and sent by pipeline to a utility that will transform the gas to be used for other purposes.  Mayor Heinrich said on a recent Wayne Byers Show on CSi Cable 2, that it’s estimated the City of Jamestown could be in line for about $1-million annually in the sale of the gas.

The City Council approved the agreement.

The City Council approved  the agreement with CPS to provide the 2018 Annual Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Groundwater Monitoring Report and additional consultation regarding the City’s Groundwater Monitoring Plan.



Appointed Harold Bensch and Darrel Losing to serve as members of the Board of Adjustment for three year terms to expire January 2022.



Council Member Buchanan reported on the Battle of the Badges Blood Drive, as Jamestown Police Chief said, over 200 individuals gave blood, as the Jamestown Fire Department won the competition based on votes from blood donors.

Council Member Steele reported that  The Heading South T.V. program that was videoed in Jamestown has been completed.

He added volunteers are assisting children within crosswalks at Lincoln Elementary School.

Mayor Heinrich was joined by Council member Brubakken in saying city crews did a good job in cleaning snow from streets following the recent blizzard.



Considered approval of the Code of Conduct to ensure efficient, fair, and professional administration of federal grant funds and programs in compliance with the U.S. Office of Management and Budget and other applicable federal and state standards, regulations, and laws.

Mayor Heinrich explained that the Code of Conduct includes all city employees and contractors in which the city does business. Approval helps clear the way to received various grants.

The City Council approved the Code of Conduct language.

Approved the agreement with Interstate Engineering to provide engineering services for the 2019 Water Main Improvement District included in the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) priority list, as budgeted for 2019 in the Water Utility Fund.

The Meeting was shown live on CSi Cable 67, followed by replays.