Jamestown  (CSi)    The Jamestown area is again participating  in the Samaritan Feet program.  Organized by University of Jamestown Athletic Director  Sean Johnson, it’s an incentive for the public to donate shoes.

This year’s barefoot game will be the 4 p.m. Saturday, January 19, men’s basketball game at Harold Newman Area, between the Jimmies  and Concordia University, Nebraska,  Fans can get free admission by bringing a new pair of athletic shoes for toddlers sizes 10-13 and youth sizes 1-5.

The coaches and staff will be barefoot on the sidelines bringing attention to the event, as funds will also be accepted to buy new shoes.

The shoes collected will be distributed to families at Harold Newman Arena from 10 a.m. to noon on January 26.

The Jamestown Public School District and other school districts around Stutsman County are sending out flyers to families for anyone who might like to participate.