Jamestown  (CSi)  The Jamestown Grant Executive Board on Weds meeting heard Capital Construction funding requests from Jamestown Parks and Recreation, and the Jamestown Soccer Club.

In attendance were: Board Members, President, Matt Woods, Taylor Barnes, Tena Lawrence, and Frank Balak.  Ex Officio Member, Pam Phillips representing the Jamestown City Council.

Tourism Director Searle Swedlund.

Goals and Objectives of Capital Construction Fund were reviewed.

Searle pointed out that there is a total yearly amount in the fund, of $80,000 which is divided between the two rounds of funding requests, March 1, and October 1, each year.

The funds are held by the City of Jamestown.

With Requests:

Doug Hogan representing Jamestown Parks and Recreation, requested $50,000 to replace the Jack Brown Stadium first base line bleachers, with metal bleachers, and a new press box.   The application states the cost of the bleacher replacement is estimated at $118,000 and for the press box replacement, $57,500.  The total project cost is estimated at $225,800 including demolition of the existing structures, and concrete work.

He added that the replacement is due to safety concerns, pointing out the new bleachers will allow fans to sit behind each other.

Some spectator seating was lost when the new dugouts were installed, being higher than the old ones.

The new bleachers will be ADA accessible.

Plans are to start the project this fall, with demolition  with the seating installed in the spring of 2020 completion in the spring of 2020.

Next baseball season the press box will have a temporary location, noting there is enough seating to accommodate baseball crowds, and all games will be held as scheduled.

A temporary P.A. system will be used during renovations.

Other funding of $145,000 is planned to come from Parks and Recreation and private donations.

The request pointed out that tourism will benefit from the improvements as Jack Brown Stadium will be able to host not only state and regional and conference tournaments, at the high school and college levels,  plus hosting 4-5 tournaments for amateur, American Legion, and Babe Ruth baseball, bringing thousands of people to the community every year.  There have also been discussions of bringing a collegiate wood-bat team to play in Jamestown.

After discussion the Grant Executive Board voted to fund $20,000 half of the present funding available this round, with Parks & Recreation invited to re   quest additional funds in the next round in October

Director, Tommy Nienhaus representing the Jamestown Soccer Club stated that $34,724 is needed for the soccer field goals, based on bids.  The goals vary in size, depending on the age of the players.  He said the new goals with a life expectancy of 10-12- years, meet all requirements and guidelines under the North Dakota Soccer Association, would enable the Soccer Club to host tournaments in Jamestown, that usually attracts 80-100 teams with rosters of 12-18 players for each team, adding that the ability of host a June 7-9 tournament in Jamestown this year, depends on this grant funding.

He added the goal of the soccer club is host multiple and regional tournaments in Jamestown within three years.

Local businesses would be able to set up booths during the tournaments.

The Grant Executive board voted  to fund, $25,829, half of the $40,000 available in the fund, this round, plus $5,829 no longer earmarked for another grant request that will not be used for that organization.