Jamestown   (Valley News Live/News Dakota) A terrible storm that struck the region March 14th left many helpless, but emergency crews, DOT officials, and officers were still on high alert.

In the aftermath, Jamestown Ambulance Service is seeking a woman who helped save a life.

“During the blizzard, we responded to a medical emergency in town in which the entrance to the residence was blocked heavily with drifted snow,” the service states. “In an effort to help our crews, a female individual came bearing shovels and helped our responders shovel through the heavy drifts to clear a path in order to extricate the patient.”

The service took to Facebook in an effort to find and thank the woman.

“We just want the opportunity to thank her in person for her act of kindness,” stated Andrew Berkey, Jamestown Ambulance Operations Manager. “The crew did not get a chance to thank the individual due to the patient’s condition being time sensitive.”

Berkey also wanted to recognize his crews, who braved the conditions to serve the region.

“Our crews also went out in incredibly dangerous situations. They helped other ambulance services who couldn’t reach destinations. They answered every call and overcame challenging obstacles. Our community is lucky to have these men and women here to serve them.”