10 years ago, during the 2009 spring flooding in Valley City, ND, the CSi TV news department produced & aired live and posted videos to keep the public informed.  Video from 10 years ago, April 20, 2009.   Below is complete playlist of 47 videos.



Here is a playlist of 47 videos that span from March 23, 2009 through June 20, 2009 .   More will be added as they are pulled out of the archives.   Note: Click in the upper left corner of the video,  where it says 1/47,  to view the list by date,  if you would like to jump ahead to a particular date.

You can go to YOUTUBE.com directly to see the list also.    The videos were produced by CSi TV – The Replay Channel 10 years ago,  in 2009.   Videos from the CSi TV archive.