Valley City (CSi)  The Valley City Commission met in Special Session Tuesday morning at 7-O’Clock at City Hall.  All members were present.


Commissioners, considered a Resolution accepting Bid and Awarding Contract for Storm Sewer Improvement District No. 50. City Administrator David Schelkoph said during a heavy rain event, excessive drainage occurs and runs downhill affecting other areas, and causes erosion.

He said four bids were received, with the low bid coming in over the estimated by $168,000, due to boring costs. Square foot costs were broken down, and compared to a similar project six years ago.

Further, it was determined to charge affected property owners 32 cents per square foot a 35 percent assessment, installing an adequate size pipe, south of the I-94 right of way conveyed to 8th Avenue and then on to the Sheyenne River.

He noted that starting in 2020 the city will pick up dollars from the “Prairie Dog Bill,” passed by the state legislature, for infrastructure, that will offset some of the costs.  He asked the City Commission to meet to discuss further uses for those dollars.

Commissioner Bishop pointed out that dollars from the Prairie Dog Bill are not guaranteed.

With that in mind, Commissioner Magnuson said this project has been looked at over the past five, years, and holding off the project for awhile longer should not be a problem, until the state infrastructure dollars in hand.

Schelkoph said money for the project could come from “shuffling” other funds, adding this is a good time to start the project, pointing out water drainage degrading the area and costing the city more expenses.

On Tuesday the City Commissioners voted 4-1 to approve the Resolution to accept the low bid and award the contract, with Commissioner Bishop voting against.

New Business

Considered was the request from the South Central Adult Services for $20,000 to support the Transit Program.  Administrator Schelkoph said the city funding would have to come from the Public Works Department budget.

Mayor Carlsrud said he would like to see the Transit program adjust its rates before earmarking city funds.  Barnes County has earmarked funding to support the service.

The City Commissioners unanimously voted not to approve the request.

Commissioners considered options for Valley Recycling Contract.  No action was taken pending additional information.  It was noted that the business remains open, and may be expanded in the future pending additional funding. The City is asking resident to be sure to separate garbage from recycling items when set the materials out for collection.

The City Commission, approved the Emergency Repair of Standpipe Water Tower that was ice damaged last winter,  in the amount of $52,500. City Administrator Schelkoph said the cost to the city is $8,000 after insurance coverage.  He added that the tower is 105 feet high, and takes special equipment for repairing.  He says the city need to address a permanent  solution to the on-going problem.

The meeting was shown live on CSi Cable 68, followed by replays.