Valley City  (CSi)  The Valley City Commission met in Regular Session Tuesday evening at City Hall. Mayor Carlsrud was not present.

Vice President, Commissioner Magnuson presided over the meeting.


Monthly Reports from the Fire Chief, Building Inspector, Auditor, Municipal Judge and Public Works Accountant.

Monthly Bills for the City and Public Works in the Amount of $2,257,610.33

A Raffle Permit for Barnes County Ducks Unlimited



Attorney General’s “A Citizen’s Guide to North Dakota Open Records & Open Meetings Laws” *A member of the public does not have the right to speak to the governing body at an open meeting. The public is only entitled to see and hear what happens at a meeting, and to record or broadcast those observations.

No personal attacks to persons present or not

No inflammatory language used during time that you have the platform

5 minute maximum or as directed by the chair

Thank you for participating in City Government.



Approved was the 2019-2020 Renewal of Gaming Site Authorization for Valley City State University Foundation at Shelly Ellig Field at Lokken Field; W.E. Osmon Fieldhouse; Valley City Town & Country Club; Valley City Eagles Club.  City Auditor Richter    


City Commissioners approved an Application for Property Tax Exemption for Improvements to 478 6th Ave NW.

Approved was an Application for Property Tax Exemption for Improvements at 1034 Viking Drive.

Approved was an Application for Property Tax Exemption for Improvements to 227 8th Street Northwest.

City Assessor Hansen recommended approval of all exemptions.


Considered was the Renewal of Alcoholic Beverage Licenses for:

Woodland Steakhouse, applying late, due Jun 3rd, in the paperwork, payment due, June 28, a violation of the City Ordinance.

The City Commission voted to approve the renewal of the  Alcoholic Beverage License and scheduled a hearing for the violation


Sabir’s Dining and Lounge, the application was also late, due to the owner’s health issues.

The Commissioners voted to approve.

The request of the VFW Alcoholic Beverage License was incomplete, and the request was denied, and the liquor license is pending the completed application.


Approved a Resolution Declaring Insufficiency of Protest for Paving Improvement District No. 118, at 5th Avenue Northwest.  City Auditor Richter said, one protest was received, from Ryan Fromke, and insufficient.  They protested their property’s Special Assessment cost.


David Schelkoph said fireworks can be detonated until 11-p.m., July 5, and asked residents to make sure the fireworks is completely put out and cold, and said the City Ordinance requires cleaning up debris from the spent fireworks.

He said the city and Barnes County has been discussing funding for Valley Recycling.  He said the Barnes County Commission will discuss funding at their next meeting.

He added that Central Avenue businesses remain open as the construction work continues, with the storm sewer installation completed as of Tuesday.



KLJ updated the Central Avenue construction progress.

Vice President Magnuson thanked the community for their patients during the Central Avenue construction.

The meeting was shown live on CSi Cable 68 followed by replays.