Valley City  (CSi)  The Valley City Commission met in Special Session Tuesday at 7-a.m., at City Hall.

Commissioners continued discussing first draft of 2020 Budget.  All members were present.

City Auditor Avis Richter, and the commissioners heard from department head requests for funding.

Those included, Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals, requesting $1000, the same request as in 2019.

The organization has expenses of spaying and neutering of animals along with microchipping of the dogs and cats before adoption and shots. It also provides education in schools.

The Barnes County Museum, Historical Society request $4,000 the same amount as in the previous 4-5 years.  Wes Anderson explained the role of the organization siting difference avenues of providing services to the city.  He noted the museum is open every day pointing out tourists the come to Valley City, adding traveling exhibits at the museum.

The Valley City/Barnes County Library in a Special Revenue Fund, if approved will receive eight point one mills, amounting to $141,000 in the mill levy.  State dollars will also be available based on the mill levy.

The library is also requesting $5,000 in an initiative, to include converting a portion of the parking lot to public parking.  The library plans to establish branch locations in Valley City and Barnes County, including a museum branch.  Roof repairs were also noted.

With Culture and Recreation funds, The Bridges Arts Council requested $1,000 for programming.  It has been proposed to merge the Community School for the Arts, with the Arts Council, to expand programs, with a five year budget developed in a strategic plan.  An instructor is planned to be hired, at a cost of $10,000.  Grants will also be applied for. Funds have been provided by the Valley City Barnes County Development Corporation.

The Valley City Fire Department made it budget request, with the numbers not discussed at this meeting.


The Valley City Fire Department made its budget request, with the numbers not discussed at this meeting.

It was noted, new equipment purchases.

City Administrator Schelkoph said the Fire Department’s request for a new fire truck will come before the next regular commission meeting.  With the Fire Department’s building reserve fund, dollar are requested for structure improvements, and, replacement of the fire truck estimated at nearly $200,000.

With the Police Department Budget, Chief Phil Hatcher pointed out an increase in 2020 in revenues, based on a parking control person collecting more fines, plus an increase in parking and moving violation fees.  The School Resources Officer position will continue for another two school years.

He also pointed out Police Department salary increases, and purchasing new weapons.  He said the VCPD contributes $16,000, annually to the Stutsman County Drug Task Force that serves multiple counties in the region, including Barnes and Valley City.  $20,000 is requested for officer body cameras including software.  He added  the equipment is not urgently needed at this time, but it can offer a measure of liability protection.

The 2020 Police Department requests amount to a 1.1-1.2percent increase over 2019.

The entire meeting was shown live on CSi 68, followed by replays.