(VCPS)  The safety and well-being of students and staff is our top priority and the decision to close school is no simple matter.

Before deciding to close school due to extreme winter weather conditions, Valley City Public School Superintendent Josh Johnson consults with a variety of experts outside of the district. Our commitment is to keep families, staff, and the community informed of weather-related school closings and cancellations.

All decisions to cancel or delay school will be made by 6:30AM the morning of the decision. If school is delayed, it is important that you continue to monitor the situation as school could be cancelled and that announcement would come later. It may also be necessary to dismiss school early, in that event, an announcement will be made on the closing time of school.

Communication Plan for Weather-Related Announcements

• Notifications will be sent directly to families by phone and email, and posted on the school website and Facebook page

• Notification will be sent to media outlets (TV and Radio)

Late Start to School

It may be necessary to start school one or two hours late due to winter weather. If this decision is made, then the following is implemented for the school day:

1) One Hour Late– School starts at 9:30 AM for Grades 7-12, 9:40 AM for Grades K-6. Bus Pick up time for bus students will be 1 hour later than their normal pick up time (ex. 7:30a Normal – 8:30a One-hour Delay)

2) Two Hours Late– School starts at 10:30 AM for Grades 7-12, 10:40 AM for Grades K-6. Bus pick up time for bus students will be 2 hours later than their normal pick up time (ex. 7:30a Normal – 9:30a Two-hour Delay)

The district does NOT serve breakfast on Late Start to School days.

Cancellations, Early Dismissals, or Late-Starts Include Activities

If school is cancelled or dismissed early due to the weather conditions, there will be no school activities (including practices). If school is delayed due to weather conditions, there will be no early morning school activities (including practices). All decisions related to the cancellation or postponement of school activities, due to weather, will be made as soon as possible and communicated to students, coaches, and advisors.

Other Information

Parents have the right to keep children at home if you feel the weather conditions are not safe for travel. There will be no penalty to grades or attendance if that decision is made. Parents may also pick up students early from school as necessary with the same expectations.

If necessary, the use of storm homes may be used for students that are unable to make it home due to the weather conditions.

If you would like your child to have a storm home designated in our student information system, please contact the administrative assistant at your student’s school.

• Parent permission is required in order for high school students to be released from school early so they can drive home. Parents must call the high school office and also the students must sign out of the office before they leave for the day.

Please note that we continually monitor the forecast from the National Weather Service in order to make the best decision for students, staff, and families. The safety and well-being of students and staff is our top priority