Jamestown  (CSi)  At a hastily called meeting  by Executive Director, Nichole Moslof, The Frontier Village Association board met Friday at 5-p.m., to address agenda items, brought forth by the FVA attorney, Matt Sorenson of the Vogel Law firm in Fargo.

The meeting concluded with the FVA Board voting 3 yes, 1 no, 1 abstention, to give it “all” to the City.   Full meeting video online below & Facebook.

Mayor Heinrich comments on The Wayne Byers Show Monday Nov 4


The meeting was chaired by the now president, Melody Mittledider, who was Vice President of the Association and assumed the presidency after president  Jay Mickelson resigned from that post.

Video of full meeting


The agenda included items of release of items at Frontier Village, including the release of the Fire Truck and display case at  the Village’s “Fire Department,” building.


Video from The Wayne Byers Show Tues Nov 5



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FVA Secretary/Treasurer, Tina Busche said the Frontier Village is currently working on project in memory of the late Bert Gray, former Fire Chief, and the items were to be given to the Jamestown City Fire Department.  A motion to approve was passed by the board.

Other agenda items included were:

The sale of the Village’s goat herd, ponies, Tac Shack and Stagecoach, which was tabled.

It was said the sales were necessary due pay bills due to lack of grant request funding by Jamestown Tourism.

Heated exchanges continued through the meeting between some members of the board and those from the community present, as several questions were raised concerning the FVA as an organization.

Tina Busch said, there has been inaccurate information in the press about the current situation and actions taken by the FVA Board, claiming she was lied about with statements she has made.

She stated that it was not the intent of the FVA Board to “Give Jamestown away,” and the contact  was made with Perham, Minnesota to transfer the Village to see if they would accept it, if the board decided to move the Village there.  She said the nothing was transferred from Frontier Village.

A member of the audience said the FVA Board needed to be more transparent, including advertising of meeting dates, and disclosure of its financial status

A motion was made to turn over all items at Frontier Village to the City of Jamestown, including artifacts and all debts, including attorney fees .

The motion passed on a 3-1 vote with one abstention.

Busche, said she did not have current figures on debts, or the balance of dollars in the FVA treasury, and needed to research the information.

The meeting was then adjourned.

After the meeting Jamestown Tourism Executive Director Searle Swedlund told CSiNewsNow.com that it is unfortunate that events, “Have come to this.”  Adding that Jamestown Tourism will be meeting, to determine, “Where to go from here.”

Also after the meeting Jamestown Mayor Dwaine Heinrich told CSiNewsNow.com that the city will await a formal notification on turning over Frontier Village to the city, and he will be meeting with City Attorney Leo Ryan, and City Administrator, Sarah Hellekson, on the possible direction the city will need to take.

The Frontier Village lease of the land from the City of Jamestown is to expire on December 31, 2019, and the FVA requested a new one year lease from the City.  The City Council has not formally acted on the renewal request.